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For some reason Russia's Sputnik "news agency" is campaigning against mandatory mask-wearing in the UK

Even though Supreme Court kicked the House Dem case for Trump records to the lower court, Pelosi says ruling “reaffirmed the Congress’s authority to conduct oversight” and says House will continue to look into “the President’s Russia connection that he is hiding.”

The United States has again invited China to talks on arms control, saying it saw an opening with Beijing on three-way negotiations with Russia despite disagreements

Pelosi frames Trump tax case as: congressional effort “to uncover the truth continues, specifically related to the President’s Russia connection that he is hiding.”

Pelosi on SCOTUS, Trump's financial records: "Congress’s constitutional responsibility to uncover the truth continues, specifically related to the President’s Russia connection that he is hiding."

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We Must Not Cede Afghanistan and Central Asia to Russia | via Carlo J. V. Caro

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Top GOPer on Armed Svcs Cmte Thornberry on hrng w/Esper & Milley. Has quesrions about Russia/bounties. There’s no doubt Russia is causing trouble to reduce U.S credibility around the world including Afghanistan..we ought to know that that's happening byt take appropriate actions.


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Obama/Biden scandals: -Fast & Furious -Solyndra -Benghazi -IRS targeting -Opperation Choke Point -Spying on journalists -VA waiting lists -Cash payments to Iran -Clinton emails -Unmasking of political rivals -Crossfire Hurricane/Russia Hoax -Crossfire Razor/Flynn Don’t forget!

The Russia Bounty story is just another made up by Fake News tale that is told only to damage me and the Republican Party. The secret source probably does not even exist, just like the story itself. If the discredited @nytimes  has a source, reveal it. Just another HOAX!

“Newly released documents show Schiff knew all along there was no proof of Russia-Trump collusion.” Wall Street Journal

Russians are paying Islamic radicals to kill American troops in Afghanistan. Donald Trump has known about Putin targeting Americans for months and has refused to even condemn Russia diplomatically. What Republican senator will speak out against this shocking dereliction of duty?

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If I wasn’t constantly harassed for three years by fake and illegal investigations, Russia, Russia, Russia, and the Impeachment Hoax, I’d be up by 25 points on Sleepy Joe and the Do Nothing Democrats. Very unfair, but it is what it is!!!

He’s asked Russia. He’s asked Ukraine. He’s asked China. That’s not going to stop America from voting for @JoeBiden  in November.

The big Oil Deal with OPEC Plus is done. This will save hundreds of thousands of energy jobs in the United States. I would like to thank and congratulate President Putin of Russia and King Salman of Saudi Arabia. I just spoke to them from the Oval Office. Great deal for all!

Here we go again. Fake News@CNN  is blaming RUSSIA, RUSSIA, RUSSIA. They are sick losers with VERY bad ratings! P.S. Can’t blame China because they need the cash?

The Russia Hoax is the biggest political scandal in American history. Treason!!! Lets see how it ends????

Seriously, you asked Russia to hack me on national television.