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For now, Rupert Murdoch still feels he has time. Even today his pension pot sits untouched. ‘Every pore of [Murdoch’s] body is driven by ambition,’ broadcaster Piers Morgan said. ‘I would be astonished if there isn’t at least one more big play’

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In Rupert Murdoch’s twilight years, the question of what happens to his media dynasty seems as vexed as ever. Read more about the continent-straddling press baron here 👇

Lots of options... Rupert Murdoch at 90: Fox, succession and ‘one more big play’ via @financialtimes 

32 YEARS AGO! In Feb 1989, Sky TV began broadcasting. The previous year Rupert Murdoch and I had come to an agreement: he would set up the BSkyB network and arrange satellite transmission; Amstrad would make the dishes and receivers to pick up the programmes. The rest is history.

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It looks like Facebook's move last week to block all news links... bought them just a bit of extra time before they'll have to start paying Rupert Murdoch for links. Congrats to all the people who yelled at FB over this move. You just made Rupert richer.

Rupert Murdoch takes on Facebook and Google in Australia, others look to follow

Rupert Murdoch son funds Dem-allied fake news while slamming conservative media 'disinformation'

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Rupert Murdoch's son spends big on Dem-allied fake news while slamming conservative media 'disinformation'


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Rupert Murdoch's Fox News pushed and extolled the presidency of Donald Trump. It must now be brought to account, writes Malcolm Turnbull. “

Just in case you wondered what RUPERT MURDOCH was doing while Fox News hosts like TUCKER CARLSON were telling millions of viewers not to trust the vaccine.

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EXCLUSIVE: President Trump's influential supporter, media mogul Rupert Murdoch, is telling close associates he believes Joe Biden will win the election in a landslide

Watch former Australian PRime Minister Malcolm Turnbull stuff Paul Kelly into a locker over News Corp's position on climate change. (Kelly is editor-at-large for one of Rupert Murdoch’s key properties— The Australian.) This is fantastic...

According to a source, Trump phoned Rupert Murdoch to scream about Fox calling Arizona for Joe Biden and demanded a retraction. Murdoch refused, and the call stood

Rupert Murdoch could save lives by forcing Fox News to tell the truth about coronavirus — right now.

Remember, there's one man propping up Trump at the moment Rupert MurdochFunny how little we hear about him

NEWS - Bill Barr met privately with Rupert Murdoch last night during his trip to NYC. @ktbenner  and me

I worked 13 years at the BBC. This will have been the result of direct pressure, exerted from the very top, on people whose only desire in life is become the next PR guru for Downing Street, or get an invite to Rupert Murdoch's parties ???

Important question just raised by former Fox reporter’s lawyer with : did Rupert Murdoch make an illegal contribution to Trump campaign by killing story at Fox before election?