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"Rupee opened 73.80 against the greenback and witnessed an intra-day high of 73.76 and a low of 74.07."

Rupee rises for sixth straight day against the US dollar

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Rupee rises by 11 paise to 73.77 amid weak dollar, sustained foreign fund inflows

ET NOW Alert | #Rupee  rises 0.1% against dollar this week vs 0.6% gain last week. Rupee rises 0.1% against dollar in Nov vs 0.5% fall in October

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#MarkToMarket | Indian airlines may be slightly better off due to likely rebound in traffic, cost saving efforts, stable rupee@PallaviPengonda  reports)

RUPEE OPENING :: Rupee opens higher at 73.78 per US dollar vs Thursday's close of 73.88/$

Indian airlines may be slightly better off due to likely rebound in traffic, cost saving efforts, stable rupee

USD/INR Price News: Indianrupee reverts towards two-week tops of 73.72 on economic optimism #USDINR  #EconomicIndicator  #India  #GDP 


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Kalahandi symbolizes the abysmal failure of Congress. It was in Kalahandi that Mr. Rajiv Gandhi made his famous statement of merely 15 Paisa reaching the people for every Rupee. Congress' Hand siphoned off money of the poor yet they have the guts to talk of removing poverty!

At the peak of his party’s power, a former PM said that for every Rupee, only 15 paisa reaches the poor. Which was the hand that was siphoning off all funds? NDA Government’s paradigm shift in Governance has ensured the fruits of development reach the intended beneficiaries.

Hi Tweeple. Nominating each of you. RT #magicbus  as RT will result in 1 rupee. Chasing a million and counting on u!

Petrol/Diesel prices touching an all time high. Rupee falling to a historic low. BJP's Central govt, in its last months, either does not know what to do or is simply not bothered about the hardships it is heaping on Aam Aadmi. Economy was never in such a mess !

We value every rupee earned by the people of India through their hardwork and dedication.

Pictures from the Agra rally. Talked about how 500 & 1000 Rupee notes ceasing to be legal tender will sharpen our fight against black money.

Talked about 1000 & 500 rupee notes ceasing to be legal tender & assured farmers that they won’t face difficulties.

I congratulate Namo for doing what national security required--to disable the ISI money power through fake rupee notes. Terror in disarray