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Much like Todd McShay last week, Kiper went two rounds in his new mock draft. He followed McShay by sending Texasrunning back Bijan Robinson to the Lions at Pick 18, too.

RT @RepDesposito : @HouseGOP  has hit the ground running — and we are just getting started. #CommitmentToAmerica 

27 nonbinary athletes are running the Boston Marathon. The division is a ‘sanctuary’ amid a rise of anti-trans legislation.

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Court Denies Bail To Motorist Accused Of Running Over Jogger In Mumbai

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A boy aged 12 yawned in court where he was accused of running over a “wonderful and beautiful” grandmother with her own car in Sheffield

The NHS is a 'cash cow' being 'milked of money'. The government is running this country with 'total greed' says this @ShelaghFogarty  caller, whose 100-year-old mother had to wait a long time for the 'five-star treatment' she received in A&E.

"Low-level, invisible inflammation, simmering quietly in the blood of ostensibly healthy people, may be a common thread running through nearly all diseases," writes Dr. Shilpa Ravella

The Russians Aren’t Just Running Out Of Tanks—They’re Running Out Of Tank Crews, Too. And It’s Going To Get Worse.

Catering services will be up and running on the Cork to Dublin line by “late May at the latest”, but its return to all routes is a long way down the tracks.

Gary Usher wades into row after woman slams kids 'running uncontrollably around pubs'


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Enzo Fernández to Chelsea… HERE WE GO! Agreement reached right now between Chelsea & Benfica 🚨🔵 AR#CFC  #DeadlineDay  Important: clubs running to get the documents signed before end of the window, it’s finally agreed. Boarding set to be completed — London ✈️ @TurkishAirlines 

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I’m in favor of a small spending bill to keep things running, but common sense suggests that it be the least amount required through the holidays. Railroading through a giant spending bill that almost no one has read is unlikely to be in the best interests of the people.

Twitter servers are running at Warp 9!!

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Leo Perisić, Ivan’s son, running over to console Neymar Jr in tears. BRHR#Qatar2022  This video is simply great 🤍🎥

LEBRON: "Kobe said, 'I'm running through Pau's f****g chest.' Man, you trippin. That's your teammate. You ain't about to do that." MELO: "He was like, 'No, he ain't my teammate right now. F**k him. Get up.'" #RedeemTeam  @netflix 

“Why are you here?!" A furious Sen. Chris Murphy demands answers from senators following Texas school shooting. “Why do you spend all this time running for the United States Senate...if your answer, is as the slaughter increases, as our kids run for their lives—we do nothing?”

Sleepy Joe Biden had a particularly bad day today. He couldn’t remember the name of Mitt Romney, said again he was running for the U.S. Senate, and forgot what State he was in. If I did any of this, it would be disqualifying. With him, he’s just Sleepy Joe!

If a hospital worker can wear a mask nonstop during a 10-hour shift. If women can wear masks during labor. You can wear a mask while running an errand.

Today I’m proud to endorse such a wide and impressive array of Democratic candidates – leaders as diverse, patriotic, and big-hearted as the America they’re running to represent:

What upsets me so much is we have struggled for so many years to overcome discrimination and Trump is running his campaign on bigotry.