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Game-script-adjusted pass-heaviest offenses: 1. Bills 2. Seahawks 3. Steelers 4. Cardinals 5. Giants Run-heaviest: 1. Chargers 2. Patriots 3. Vikings 4. Titans 5. Browns

The Chiefs operated the NFL's pass-heaviest* offense during the 2019 regular season. The Vikings were run heaviest*. Here is the full rundown: *game-script-adjusted

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Run-heaviest games of the 2019-20 NFL season: 1. Week 20 49ers: 82.4% 2. Week 1 Vikings: 77.6% 3. Week 19 49ers: 69.1% 4. Week 18 Titans: 68.4% 5. Week 5 Titans: 67.9%

@bburkeESPN  Coryell passed on 1st down lots. Norv Turner, who learned from Ernie Zampese, who learned from Coryell, was big on 1st-down pass (Aikman: 4 1st-down TDs in SB vs BUF). 2 teams from '19 rank among top 100 since '91 in 1st-down pass % in first halves. 3 rank among 100 run-heaviest.

One thing to keep in mind when evaluating the pass catchers on the 49ers and Broncos is that these teams run the No. 1 and No. 4 run-heaviest offenses (game script adjusted), respectively. That certainly limits target volume.

Game-script-adjusted run-heaviest offenses in the league so far: 1. Vikings: -17% 2. 49ers: -13% 3. Broncos: -11% 4. Colts: -8% 5. Jets: -6%

The Jaguars 2018 offense was 4th pass-heaviest* in the league during 10 games Leonard Fournette was out or played <50% of snaps. The Jaguars 2018 offense was 4th run-heaviest* in the 6 games Fournette played in ~full. *game script adjusted

2018 ranks vs fantasy RBs for Sony Michel during the 2019 fantasy playoffs: 30, 32, 26, 28. With 3 home games. NE was the 5th run heaviest offense last season.

Adjusted for game script, the 2018 Vikings were the 5th pass-heaviest team in the NFL during Weeks 1-14 (DeFilippo OC), but the 6th run-heaviest during Weeks 15-17 (Stefanski OC).


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Since their Week 11 bye, the Patriots have called 282 runs and 296 passes. This is the run heaviest Brady/Belichick offense we've seen in at least a decade (maybe ever).

Game-script-adjusted run-heaviest offenses: 1. Broncos 2. Titans 3. Seahawks 4. Panthers 5. Cowboys 6. Jets 7. Redskins 8. Patriots 9. Cardinals 10. Dolphins

Believe it or not, the pass-heaviest offense in the NFL so far is the *drumroll* Jaguars. Jags are 14 percentage points above their expected P% based on game script. (Titans are run-heaviest at -13%)

The NFL's run-heaviest offenses of 2017 (adjusted for game script): 1. Bears 2. Cowboys 3. Bills 4. Jets 5. Jaguars

Jaguars have called 222 passes & 226 runs this season. That makes them the NFLs run heaviest team. Talk about things going according to plan