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The Devil We Know. The Indictment Watch. In the meantime, knocking at the door more subpoenas for the coup plotters, promoters, and inciters MoBrooks RudyG DonJr and DT the ringleader and chief liar himself. Oh, Dear God. #blogpost 

See Treena Decker/Yahlskaanii, a social worker, storyteller and performer of mixed settler and Haida ancestry, take the stage with CBC's Rudy Kelly in support of Indigenous storytelling 📆 Saturday, June 25, 2-4 p.m. 📍 Prince Rupert Library Learn more:

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Rudy: at 6 o'clock n the morning there was a big bang bang on the door outside seven 7 FBI agents with a warrant took my cell phones electronic devices left 3 hard drives I said don't u want these they said No no, But those are Hunter Biden's hard drives.

"Hey Rudy, Rudy Rudy... Piers Morgan here can I jump in Rudy can you hear me Rudy you're talking total back trap." 🤣 🤣 🤣

The new report said a special purpose grand jury, which is looking at Trump’s elections claims, has heard from at least four witnesses regarding Giuliani’s activities.

The probe is focused on Giuliani’s appearance before state lawmakers in which he pushed claims of voter fraud and urged lawmakers to compose a new slate of presidential electors.

Georgia investigators are reportedly poring over Rudolph W. Giuliani's actions in their state as part of a broader investigation into whether former President Donald Trump and his allies violated the law in pushing to reverse President Biden's victory...

Gordon Monson: For the first time in Rudy Gobert's NBA career, the three-time DPOY is at the center of trade talks. Will he be willing to forgive and forget if nothing ever comes of them?


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Rudy Giuliani sings "Bad to the Bone" on Masked Singer as host @kenjeong  leaves saying, "I'm done."

Cruz. Hawley. Pirro. Dobbs. Pierson. Graham. Pence. Carlson. Cawthorn. Jordan. Gaetz. Gohmert. Ingraham. Tuberville. McCarthy. Guilfoyle. Greene. McEnany. Biggs. Gosar. Hegseth. Brooks. Giuliani. Don Jr. Lara. Eric. Donald Trump. Today, we salute the Heroes of the Insurrection.

Telling your kids that Rudy Giuliani was once respected is like explaining that O.J. Simpson was once a football player.

"They got caught." - President Trump fires off on the perpetrators of 'fraud,' and applauds Rudy Giuliani for his efforts.

This is what authoritarianism looks like: Trump not conceding after losing. Sen. Graham pressuring Secretaries of State to not count ballots. Michigan GOP pushing to not certify state's election results. Giuliani creating fiction.

Rudy Gobert and Donovan Mitchell have been cleared of the coronavirus

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It has been incorrectly reported that Rudy Giuliani and others will not be doing a counter to the Mueller Report. That is Fake News. Already 87 pages done, but obviously cannot complete until we see the final Witch Hunt Report.

Holy cow Gordon Sondland going full John Dean in opening statement: Confirms his view the WH plot was “quid pro quo” bribery Implicates Giuliani Shows Pompeo in the loop with new evidence Implicates Trump, testifies this was on his orders Adds new emails and evidence

While Trump was pursuing deal worth hundreds of millions in Russia... He was advocating eliminating sanctions worth billions to Putin. He was asking Russia to hack Clinton’s emails. His son was meeting Russian officials to get dirt on Clinton. And Rudy says it’s no big deal?

Giuliani’s new “offer” to the Special Counsel: You can ask the President about conspiracy, but only if Trump’s answer can be limited to “no collusion, no collusion, no collusion.” As to obstruction of justice, no questions at all please. Enough is enough. Time for a subpoena.