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Thanks to a special loan scheme, the dues of discoms towards power generators has reduced by Rs 24,000 crore. @shreya_jai  reports #Discoms  #Gencos  #Powersector 

Poor Real Tax Collection in October! Tax Collection Growth: 12.2% Inflation: 26.6% Real Tax Collection Growth: -14.4%📉 Explanation If X product was 10Rs at 17% tax Tax collection:1.7Rs After inflation, X is: 12.66Rs Tax should be atleast: 2.15Rs i.e 26.6% up CN Example:

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#Rajasthan: #Man  kills his #wife  in order to collect insurance money of Rs 1.90 crore, says police

Concetrate your analysis to RS line and price-volume action.

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The institute said that there was a 13.67% increase from their previous years’ average of Rs. 29.12 lakhs. @DevinaSengupta  reports)

Senators discussing timing on passage of rail bill. Needs consent from all 100 senators. There’s an effort to pass bill tonight. Or tomorrow. Thune says Rs likely won’t want amendments. Sanders wants his on paid sick leave. Could he agree to Thursday vote? “We’ll see,” he said

The world’s most expensive #grapes  cost more than Rs 8 lacs for a bunch; Here’s why

The eight House Dems who voted against rail deal, which passed House 290-137 Chu DeSaulnier Golden Norcross Peltola Pocan Tlaib Torres The three Rs who voted to add sick leave Fitzpatrick Bacon Katko *fixes error in previous post

290-137, House passes bill to avert rail strike. 79 Rs voted for it. Eight Dems were nay votes. The 8, per @kristin__wilson  Mary Peltola Jared Golden Mark Pocan Rashida Tlaib Donald Norcross Alexandria Ocasio Cortez Mark DeSaulnier Judy Chu


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As the Supreme Court decision overturning Roe disappeared from the headlines, Rs started believing that the issue had faded. Women don’t forget losing a fundamental freedom. Buckle up Rs, this issue isn’t going anywhere.

1,000 of the 1,050 pages are copies of letters Rs have sent to the Biden administration — including 94 copies of the same five page letter to all US attorneys.

This MoU is an important step accelerating India’s semi-conductor manufacturing ambitions. The investment of Rs 1.54 lakh crore will create a significant impact to boost economy and jobs. This will also create a huge ecosystem for ancillary industries and help our MSMEs.

In Chennai, development works worth over Rs. 31,000 crore would either be inaugurated or their foundation stones would be laid. These projects cover key infra sectors such as railways, petroleum, housing and roads. Commerce and connectivity would be boosted by these works.

The lockdown situation adversely impacts the lives of daily wage cine workers. Will be contributing Rs. 25 lakhs towards Corona crisis charity for TFI workers. Requesting all fellow actors to come forward and make their contributions in these testing times ?? #StayHomeStaySafe 

Back in 2017, after John McCain had spoken out about Trump’s policies, I saw him before an Armed Services comm meeting and asked what it was going to take to get other Rs to speak out. He said “Claire, it’s gonna take his approval rating to get down to mid 30’s.” Today it’s 38.

Senate R bill: 1. One-time payment up to $1,200 per adult. 2. Won't get this unless income reaches $23,500. 3. So 64 million households with incomes below $50,000 would get less than $1,200. 4. These are same Rs who gave wealthy and corps $2,000,000,000,000 in tax cuts.

McConnell's vow of a rigged trial gives Dems an opening. They can try to force votes on fairer rules, and call for admission of new evidence, putting vulnerable Rs in a tough spot. Expert@mollyereynolds  helps explain the process. @paulwaldman1  and me:

BREAKING: have requested ALL Kavanaugh White House records from the Archives, just as Republicans did for Kagan in 2010. But today, Rs withheld their support. We MUST fully vet nominees for lifetime appointments to the highest court in the land. #ReleaseTheRecords