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Kolkata Customs Department today recovered 4.64kg foreign origin gold (40pcs rs'>Goldbars 116gm each) from Marquise St. Kolkata . Recovered Rs 93lakhs cash- including foreign exchange. Collective seizure value Rs 3.23 crores.

For the 1st time J&K has got more than Rs 1lakh crore as Budget, Rs 12,000 cr as Capex Budget, there's a drop in the number of people joining terrorism: @Shehzad_Ind , Lawyer, tells Pranesh Kumar Roy on @thenewshour  Special Edition.

Kolkata Customs Department recovered 4.64 kg foreign origin gold (40 pieces goldbars, 116 gram each) from Marquise St. Kolkata. They also recovered Rs 93 lakhs cash- including foreign exchange. Collective seizure value Rs 3.23 crores.

World's largest cricket bat unveiled in Hyderabad The bat, made at a cost of Rs 7m, has beaten the previous Guinness Record of 51 feet long

In Purulia and Alipurduar districts, official diesel prices per litre are Rs 99.99 and Rs 99.78 respectively while in Kolkata, the fuel costs Rs 99.08 a litre during the day, according to a price list provided by state-owned fuel retailers.

Bihar CM @NitishKumar  announces financial assistance of Rs 2 lakh each for families of 10 people from the state who died in #UttarakhandRains . #uttarakhand  #Uttarakhandfloods 

#EarningsWithETNOW | Tatva Chintan Pharma Chem Q2 (YoY) PAT at Rs 32.4 cr vs Rs 3.6 cr Revenue at Rs 123.6 cr vs Rs 60 cr #TatvaChintan  #Q2 

#EarningsWithETNOW | Orient Electric Q2 (YoY) PAT at Rs 34.8 cr vs Rs 32.4 cr Revenue at Rs 594.3 cr vs Rs 434 cr @orient_electric  #Q2 

#EarningsWithETNOW | MCX Q2 net profit drops to Rs 32.7 cr from Rs 39.8 cr QoQ. Check details here @MCXIndialtd  #MCX  #Q2 

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What happened to Amit Shah’s promise of Rs 2 lakh cr for Sundarbans development, asks #TMC ’s #AbhishekBanerjee .


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Little noticed yesterday. The Rs tried to block funding for the very same Afghan refugees they have been yelling about getting out of Afghanistan. It was a party line vote with the Ds stopping their effort. Smh. 🙄

The critical battle today isn’t between Ds and Rs. It’s between those who believe in democracy and those who would dismantle it.

The 50 Senate Ds represent over 41.5 million more Americans than the 50 rs'>Senate Rs. But the filibuster gives the Rs power to kill legislation supported by the vast majority. It's undemocratic. It's not in the Constitution. It can be eliminated with just 51 votes. End it now.

So let’s recap where we are on Christmas Eve. — Unemployment expires Saturday. — Government funding expires Monday. — rs'>House Rs blocked Dem 2k check bill. — Senate R leadership says 2k check bill cant get 60 in the Senate, unlikely to bring it up. — No plan to keep govt open.

McConnell called off the Senate next week because of Covid. But Lindsey tasked with continuing to ram through extreme SCOTUS nominee on Monday. Now the Rs on committee refusing to test for the virus. What does that tell you about their desire to protect others? To protect you?

This is that time when all that matters is the lives of our people. And we need to do anything and everything it takes. I pledge to contribute Rs 25 crores from my savings to @narendramodi  ji’s PM-CARES Fund. Let’s save lives, Jaan hai toh jahaan hai. ??

Sushant Singh Rajput’s Dil Bechara gets 95 million views in 24 hours, that’s a Rs 2000 crore opening day - bollywood - Hindustan Times

The Afghanistan briefing this afternoon at the White House is for House Rs only.

NEW: Dems have found a measure that Rs buried in the stimulus that would restrict small business money from going to a range of health care providers that take Medicaid. This includes providers for the disabled and even rape crisis centers. New piece:

Sekulow just told bald-faced lies to the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. Republicans WERE allowed in the SCIF. I was there. Many Rs CHOSE not to show up.