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2003: “Epstein counts a number of professors—including Dershowitz, Lindsley Professor of Psychology Stephen M. Kosslyn and former Dean of the Faculty Henry A. Rosovsky—among his bevy of eminent friends that includes princes, presidents and Nobel-Prize winners.”

2003:“Kosslyn introduced to Jeffrey Epstein by famed late Harvard professor & evolutionary biologist Stephen Jay Gould— Dershowitz says he met Epstein through 'mutual friends.' Rosovsky, Epstein’s oldest friend in the bunch, met [JE] through similarly serendipitous circumstances”

FROM 2003, ON JEFFREY EPSTEIN, IN THE HARVARD CRIMSON: Rosovsky, Epstein’s oldest friend in the bunch, met the mogul through similarly serendipitous circumstances. Twelve years ago, “we were introduced by a mutual friend, Mr. Leslie Wexner,” Rosovsky writes in an e-mail.

: I fondly recall professors at Harvard such as Kuznets, Samuelson, Houthakker, Bergson&Rosovsky who taught me economics, later taught courses jointly with me did research and promoted me. Human is a human only when he is gratefuI. Ingratitude destroys civilisations.

**Should-Read:** I prefer HenryRosovsky's formulation: "I convinced the Japan scholars that I was indispe...

"Never underestimate the difficulty of changing false beliefs by facts." – rosovsky'>Henry Rosovsky