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Rosie the Riveter — Clara Doutly — celebrates 100th birthday in Detroit

Rosie DiManno: Islamic terrorists in Paris attacks cared more about ISIS, than the Qur’an, court hears

In a joint press conference with rosie rivera'>SLCo Sheriff Rosie Rivera and SLC Police Chief Mike Brown, SLCo District Attorney Sim Gill announced his office would no longer negotiate plea deals with offenders who commit gun crimes.

#Opinion | What is so wrong with wanting to acknowledge the fact that trans men and non-binary people exist? Florence Ashley writes. How is that “blotting out” women, as Rosie DiManno claims?

A total of 3,640 newborn girls were named Olivia in England and Wales in 2020, topping the ONS list for the fifth year in a row. Ivy and Rosie replaced Grace and Freya in the top 10 girls’ names. Since 2010, Ivy has risen 221 places to sixth

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Two police officers on motorcycles, as part of Rosie’s 9/11 parade, were involved in a crash. One officer had minor injuries.

Lorraine Kelly's daughter Rosie says mum is 'embarrassing but lovely'

📈Since 2010, Ivy has risen 221 places to become the 6th most popular girls name in England and Wales in 2020. Ivy and Rosie both appeared in the top 10 girls' names for the first time, knocking off Grace and Freya from the top 10 list

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Rosie Batty to @TamePunk  31/1 ‘I dearly hope you won’t have to deal with the kind of abuse I had, but I fear you will. At first, everyone is delighted for you but as your messages gain impact.., the backlash grows & directs back towards you with ugliness you can never anticipate’

I have enormous respect for my courageous colleague Rosie Duffield who has done so much to raise the issue of violence against women & girls.

This. “Enough already with the demonization of CBC’s@RosieBarton ” @globeandmail 

Well, looks like Twitter had some second thoughts about @Rosie 's obscene tweets

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Twitter please help. This is really important. Rosie is missing in Normanhurst in Sydney’s North. Her owner is homeless and struggling. She is his centre. I don’t care where you are. Please retweet and help us reunite them.

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EXCLUSIVE: Rosie O’Donnell made illegally over-sized campaign donations to at least five Democratic federal candidates

This mother Rosie, who previously received school meal vouchers, said she "felt ashamed" to complain about the content of the food parcels when she should "be grateful." She was brought to tears when James O'Brien reminded her she should never feel grateful. @mrjamesob 

Rosie Duffield broke the rules and resigned, why has the architect of those rules not resigned?

Presumably, Rosie Duffield’s right & proper resignation will leave the most comically contorted Cummings defenders claiming that all resignations are wrong. (This reads like a poor joke, but it isn’t. It’s a fairly confident prediction.)

The surgeon general told states they have to be “Rosie the Riveter,” invoking Pearl Harbor and 9/11, saying that how “everyone needs to do their part”? Please. The federal government should do its job and stop avoiding responsibility for its own failures.