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Rupert Grint, who played Ron Weasley onscreen from 2001 to 2011, appeared on Dax Shepard’s podcast and did not hold back his true thoughts on life in the wizarding world.

He may be the iconic Ron Weasley, but apparently, Rupert Grint hasn't actually watched most of the "Harry Potter" movies.

Rupert Grint, who played Ron Weasley in the global phenomenon Harry Potter, has made a harsh confession about his relationship to the films.

#HarryPotter star #RupertGrint  aka Ron Weasley joins Instagram; shares first photo with daughter

In a statement, the actor - Ron Weasley in the Potter films - said "I firmly stand with the trans community"

Mostly 🧡 Your household consists of: Ron Weasley Horace Slughorn Molly Weasley Dobby Rubeus Hagrid

If You Check Off More Than 11 Items On This List, Then You're 100% Ron Weasley

The actor, who portrayed Ron Weasley in the magical film franchise, is now a father to a baby girl.


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Happy birthday, Ron Weasley…or should we say Won-Won?

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ron weasley'>Happy Birthday Ron Weasley, whose knack for magical mishaps never got in the way of his heroics. Well, not too much. #MagicalMischief 

Fair play to Martin Keown for comparing Matty Longstaff to Paul Scholes on MOTD2 last night. Keown went on to say Longstaff had the bravery of Ron Weasley, the tenderness of Ed Sheeran, and the never-say-die attitude of Chesney from Coronation Street.

Watching a Harry Potter movie w my daughter, & I just got a rare big laugh out of her w this: Ron Weasley: “Do you really think there’s a Chamber of Secrets?” Me: “You go to a fuckin school for wizards. Of course there’s a Chamber of Secrets.”

Bloody hell, it's Ron Weasley's birthday! Celebrate by telling us your favorite Ron moment! #HappyBirthdayRon 

"I look like my Great-Aunt Tessie! I smell like my Great-Aunt Tessie!" - Ron Weasley

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Celebrating true friendship… Happy birthday Ron Weasley, the best friend everyone wishes they had!

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"Blimey, Harry. You slay dragons. If you can't get a date, who can?" - Ron Weasley

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Happy bday to Ron Weasley – the best friend a wizard fighting an epic battle against Dark Forces could ever ask for.