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“It was not Antifa." NEW: At about the same time Sen. Ron Johnson floated a conspiracy theory on the Capitol attack, the feds unsealed a case against a Trump fan who brawled with police and then tried to shoot down Antifa rumors on a pro-Trump forum.

Al Franken jokes that Ron Johnson is obviously an Antifa plant

Ron Johnson is reading out some post about “agents provocateurs, fake Trump supporters” in the January 6 insurrection, the whole It Was Really Antifa Or Whatever narrative.

Sen. Ron Johnson is currently reading a conservative blog post aloud that alleges "fake Trump protestors" and "agent provocateurs" caused the in the Capitol siege. (it's the whole, 'Antifa did it' claim which has been effectively disproven by those already arrested)

Ron Johnson, Stop Trying To Make Burisma Happen. This Season's Story Is That Biden Is A Socialist BLM Antifa! by @5DollarFeminist 


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