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Together w @SesameWorkshop , we’ve created new ways of bringing education to refugee children in Bangladesh & the Middle East. Our partnership continues with 2 new Rohingya Muppets, as part of our Learn to Play program in Bangladesh. More this #EducationDay :

Indonesia renews calls for safe repatriation of Rohingya refugees #jakpost 

As the world sits in judgment over Bangladesh's treatment of Rohingyas, @WIONews  travels to Cox's Bazar & Bhasan Char to bring you the true story in the words of Rohingya refugees. Don't miss this special documentary airing tonight at 20:30 IST.

“Baffled and deeply concerned”: A US genocide declaration for China’s Uighur repression, but more silence on Myanmar’s Rohingya persecution. More on our Cheat Sheet:

What can the Biden administration do to support the #Rohingya ? Find out 👇 1/3

The incoming Biden administration is reportedly planning to launch an interagency review to determine whether Myanmar’s fierce persecution of its rohingya'>Muslim Rohingya minority amounts to genocide.

“Addressing the plight of the Rohingya will be essential to the credibility of any human rights & atrocity prevention efforts.” Read more from @EndGenocideDan  on what the Biden administration can do to support Rohingya refugees

I AM A GIRL. I am strong. My name is Sajeda. I am a Rohingya#refugee  who fled violence in my home in Myanmar. I now live in Kutupalong camp, Bangladesh. I lost everything, but can go to #school  here & plan to be a teacher someday. With education, there is hope. Photo © @UNICEF 

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The way the TMC is working in Bengal, they are allowing Bangladeshi & Rohingya to to get Voter ID. These are things which the Election Commission must look into: BJP Spokesperson, @gopalkagarwal  tells @AnchorAnandN  on #TheNationAt5 . #BattleForBengal 

Bangladesh Expects to Start Rohingya Repatriation to Myanmar in June


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Aung San Suu Kyi's party, accused of genocide against Rohingya Muslims, claimed victory in Myanmar's elections. Over 1 million people could not vote — mostly Muslims because the government denies them citizenship. Most are locked in camps in "apartheid" conditions, say groups.

My god, this shot of Rohingya refugees watching their houses burn across the border in Myanmar (Masfiqur Sohan/NurPhoto)

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This is why Bangladesh PM Sheikh Hasina​ didn't ask Donald Trump​ for help with Rohingya refugees.

Pls stop saying Aung San Suu Kyi is "silent" over Rohingya genocide. She's not silent. She's v vocally denying it:

Today I spoke with Aung San Suu Kyi to convey Canada's deep concerns for Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar. Details:

Canada is deeply concerned by the flow of refugees from Myanmar & reports of serious abuse against the Rohingya. Civilians must be protected

Myanmar army chief justifies burning & clearing Rohingya Muslim villages--ethnic cleansing--as "unfinished business"

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Shocking drone footage shows the extent of the Rohingya exodus as thousands flee Myanmar

'Muslims killing Muslims' is how she describes the ethnic cleansing of the Rohingya in this interview. Shameful. Awful. Inexcusable.