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On the Baby Boomers' contribution to politics: "Trump’s is the generation—one that included Roger Ailes and Rush Limbaugh—that invented commercialized contempt and a political-media complex that profits on malice, division and indignation."

@jeffjarvis  @kellyfinchamTruth . We are leaving in the shitstorm that Rupert Murdoch and Roger Ailes unleashed upon America--Trump, the death of truth, the polarization we experience are all their handiwork. They too should be held accountable.

Monsters of 2020: Roger Ailes and Fred Trump

Have hesitated criticizing friend Hemmer (worked together in Cincy 92-94 & Fox News 05-16) but to cut away from @GabrielSterling  fact-checking Trump? Also, Hemmer went to Roger Ailes funeral & has never reached out to me in last 4 /12 years. Disappointing.

I’m a bit of a clean freak but I am in need of help in my home office which I haven't touched since my lawsuit against Roger Ailes. I need the help of @thehomedit  @cleashearer  & @TeplinJoanna  and their @netflix  show featured today on my podcast #GetTheNewsWithGretchen  @QuakeMedia 

13/ Monster: Roger Ailes and Fred Trump “They each helped Trump become who and what he is: a president whose reckless, self-centered, and irresponsible actions have contributed to the deaths of a great many Americans,” @DavidCornDC  writes.

"Who delivered Trump—who unleashed him upon America? …No doubt, many helped place Trump on the path that brought him here," @DavidCornDC  writes. "But two deserve special honors: Fred Trump and Roger Ailes."

For @MotherJones 's "Heroes and Monsters of 2020," I nominated Fred Trump and Roger Ailes. I explain why in this new piece. Please read, like, RT, and share.

For the "Heroes and Monsters of 2020" contest, I chose Fred Trump and Roger Ailes as the "monsters." Yes, they are receiving this award posthumously. But they deserve it. Read the full piece here:

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I never knew before reading this @Sarahlellison  story how much Maria Bartiromo's career was at the hand of Roger Ailes (my phrasing is purposeful). And how I have questions.


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Will go down much further. Weekend daytime even worse, dead. They still don’t get it. Fantastic alternatives! The late/great Roger Ailes is seriously missed, but I still won LEGAL VOTES by a lot!!!

Trump upset that Fox aired Obama speech: "This would not have happened with Roger Ailes."

@FoxNews  allows more negative ads on me than practically all of the other networks combined. Not like the old days, but we will win even bigger than 2016. Roger Ailes was the GREATEST!

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I know better than anyone that my friend Roger Ailes died 3 years ago, just look at what happened to @FoxNews . We all miss Roger!!!

She gets fired by @CNN  for giving Crooked Hillary the debate questions, and gets hired by @FoxNews . Where are you Roger Ailes?

Accused sex criminals who Trump has defended: 1. Roy Moore 2. Brett Kavanaugh 3. Bob Kraft 4. Roger Ailes 5. Himself

@FoxNews  is no longer the same. We miss the great Roger Ailes. You have more anti-Trump people, by far, than ever before. Looking for a new outlet!

The “great” Roger Ailes was credibly accused of sexual harassment by multiple women. He was fired by Rupert Murdoch and sons for his alleged behavior. He died in disgrace in 2017.

Roger Ailes once threatened me that he had the rest of his life to get back at me for an article I wrote. Looks like he ran out of time.