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While Roe v. Wade has been Supreme Court precedent for 50 years, it is standing its biggest legal test right now, according to constitutional law expert Alan Dershowitz on Newsmax, as Mississippi seeks move the timetable on abortion restrictions.

Critical moment for Roe, and the Supreme Court’s legitimacy

Pundits at CNN continue to openly fearmonger about the possibility of Roe v. Wade being overturned or curbed in any way. CNN isn't a news organization.

Kavanaugh implied that overturning Roe v. Wade would be celebrated as a victory for democracy.

When the Supreme Court hands down its ruling next year in Mississippi's blockbuster challenge to Roe v. Wade the bulk of the decision will be focused on interpreting what the Constitution says – or doesn't say – about abortion.

A decision to overturn Roe v. Wade could trigger a political earthquake, potentially redrawing the balance between the supporters and opponents of abortion rights.

The consequences of overruling Roe v. Wade go well beyond the issue of abortion rights

Pregnant Texans flood out-of-state abortion clinics foreshadowing future if Supreme Court ends Roe

"Roe v. Wade" will never please everyone, but it has served the country well, @Eugene_Robinson  writes. "I fear this Supreme Court is foolish enough to throw it away."

With the looming possibility of the Supreme Court gutting Roe v. Wade, the future of reproductive rights in America is poised to become a central and potentially defining issue in the upcoming midterm elections.

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Right now, there’s a bill in the Senate that would write Roe v. Wade into law. Let’s not wait any longer. Codify it. Pass the Women's Health Protection Act now.

It's fascinating to see people argue that women won't really be punished if abortion is illegal. Here are some things that have *already* happened to women despite Roe:

If you ever questioned where these five Justices would be, now you know.  We must put Roe into law now. There is no time to lose.

Last night, the Supreme Court officially overturned five decades of settled law and permitted Texas' unconstitutional abortion ban to stand. Yes: They gutted Roe v. Wade without hearing arguments, in a one-paragraph, unsigned 5-4 opinion issued in the middle of the night.

Trump said that overturning Roe v. Wade will “happen automatically, in my opinion, because I am putting pro-life justices on the court.” So let’s not make any mistake about this: reproductive rights are on the line with this Supreme Court nominee.

Amy Coney Barrett signed an ad calling Roe v Wade "barbaric" and spoke to anti-abortion groups. Now she won’t say whether Roe was wrongly decided. Don’t be fooled: Barrett has an agenda to get on the Court to overturn reproductive rights.

Hi, only Senator to work at Planned Parenthood here. Barrett's views on Roe v. Wade are clear. So I'm making my views on her nomination clear: I'm voting no.

Donald Trump and Republicans had a choice: Take charge of this virus and pass a relief bill, or push through a Supreme Court Justice who could gut the Affordable Care Act and overturn Roe. They showed us who they are. Now, let’s vote them out.

Wow. Joe Biden just took a more Liberal position on Roe v. Wade than Elizabeth Warren at her highest. He also wants to PACK our great United States Supreme Court. This is what the Dems will do. Remember as they try changing positions before elections end. GET OUT AND VOTE!

Trump’s hand-picked successor to Justice Ginsburg’s seat makes it clear: they intend to destroy the Affordable Care Act & overturn Roe. This selection would move the court further right for a generation & harm millions of Americans. I strongly oppose Judge Barrett’s nomination.