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"I worked closely with Virginia Roberts. I know she was heartbroken over what happened at ABC. She was the victim who sat with robach'>Amy Robach - she really liked Amy a lot." @tarapalmeri  on ABC killing @arobach 's Epstein report. My @FourthWatch  podcast:

Congratulations @room207A  Rochester now has two majority Senators in the @nysenateously '>Prev @NYSenateously  we had none-and it affects our region. @rochesterchambry '>Coon @RochesterChambry  wins race to take over Robach's seat in 56th Senate District

Exclusive: robach'>Amy Robach filled Us in on some little known facts about herself!

Thank you Robach' alt='SenatorRobach' /'>@SenatorRobach  - for all of your service/support for the Rochester region - over the past 3 decades. You always showed up. @RochesterChambr  Robach Leaving Legislature After 30 Years

NOW STREAMING: The two candidates vying to fill Sen. Joe Robach's seat in the New York State Legislature debate on News 8. Follow along live here: #ROC 

T.J. Holmes To Join Amy Robach As Co-Anchor Of ‘GMA 3: What You Need To Know’

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T.J. Holmes Joins Amy Robach As Co-Anchor of ABC’s ‘GMA3’ (EXCLUSIVE)

Dr. Anthony Fauci, Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, spoke to GMA's robach'>Amy Robach about children going back to school across America, his relationship with the president, and COVID-19 vaccines.​

SOLE SURVIVOR: robach'>Amy Robach interviews the daughter of a Kansas woman who went missing, found alive 15 years later. #ABC2020  #SoleSurvivor  - starts NOW on ABC!

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The former ABC staffer who allegedly leaked the hot mic robach'>Amy Robach tape sits down with me in an exclusive — here’s a preview — we’ll be posting the full exchange shortly at . Stay tuned!

?WOW? CBS News fires staffer who had access to leaked robach'>Amy Robach audio that was revealed by @Project_Veritas  The person who got fired in this situation was the one trying to protect the children who were being trafficked. CBS sided with a Pedophile

Ashley Bianco, the woman fired by CBS for her role in the hot mic robach'>Amy Robach clip, sits down with me in an exclusive interview HERE:

ABC had the goods on Jeffrey Epstein (including Bill Clinton's involvement) for three years, and refused to air the story. Here's a very pissed-off robach'>Amy Robach, who did all the reporting, venting her frustration. Nice work by Project Veritas!…

MK EXCLUSIVE: House Min. Leader McCarthy requests from ABC: 1) provide the Robach interview 2) what facts led to decision not to run it? 3) who was involved? 4) what “outside forces” influenced the call? 5) what evid did Robach have & 6) did ABC ever alert authorities re Epstein?

My interview with the former ABC staffer accused of being behind the leak of the robach'>Amy Robach tape: YOU DECIDE: Megyn Kelly - YouTube

. @JamesOKeefeIII  tells me there is more video coming. When asked about ABC’s motivations for killing the Epstein story, he quotes robach'>Amy Robach "there were a lot of men in those planes.” #DanaRadio 

In a leaked video released Tuesday ABC News anchor robach'>Amy Robach said the network killed her story on wealthy pedophile Jeffrey Epstein under pressure from the British royal family

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So now that ABC robach'>News Anchor Amy Robach has said that "So do I Think he was killed? A hundred percent" Is it still a conspiracy theory if someone says Epstein Didn't Kill Himself? Or should I trust our mainstream media?

BREAKING: @megynkelly  just announced she finished an exclusive interview with the woman fired for leaking the ABC robach epstein'>Amy Robach Epstein video. She’s going to release the video later today on YouTube and IGTV: