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2025: Rob Manfred outlaws swinging strikes because it's unfair for pitchers to throw the ball where the batter can't hit it.

The people who have Rob Manfred’s ear have rings and plaques and second homes built with the money they made from baseball. They also, by and large, have no understanding of why baseball is the way it is in 2020. He needs different advisers.

Rob Manfred says on the @dpshow  that shifts could be limited in future: "A lot of people feel that the extreme shifting that you’re talking about has changed the game in ways that are not positive and it remains a really hot topic in terms of conversation within that committee.”

AP Interview: rob manfred'>Baseball Commissioner Rob Manfred says he hopes to keep two of this year’s innovations: expanded playoffs and starting extra innings with runners on second base. by @ronaldblum 

MLB commissioner Rob Manfred tells the AP that he favors keeping an expanded playoff format and modified extra inning rules in 2021 and beyond ➡️

MLB commissioner Rob Manfred wants to keep expanded playoffs, extra-innings rule beyond 2020 season

rob manfred'>Commissioner Rob Manfred hopes the "continued success of the Rays ... will help build their fan base" and help sort out current stadium issues. #RaysUp  #WorldSeries 


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If Rob Manfred had punished the cheaters, pitchers like Joe Kelly wouldn’t have to. The lamest commish could have stopped Tuesday’s sixth inning before it started

BREAKING: MLB commissioner Rob Manfred told MLBPA executive director Tony Clark on Friday that if the sport doesn’t do a better job of managing the coronavirus, it could shut down for the season, sources told @JeffPassan .

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rob manfred'>Comissioner Rob Manfred tells me “We are playing. The players need to be better, but I am not a quitter in general and there is no reason to quit now. We have had to be fluid, but it is manageable.”

MLB stars have a simple message for Rob Manfred about playing the 2020 season.

Breaking: MLB commissioner Rob Manfred and players union chief Tony Clark had what’s being called a productive meeting face to face in Arizona. Meeting was called at Manfred’s request

Rob Manfred’s 2nd presser to explain all the cheating...

Rob Manfred and Fanatics Chairman Michael Rubin have agreed to stop production of MLB jerseys and will instead create masks and gowns to donate during the coronavirus pandemic (via @MichaelGRubin )

Scheduled participants on call with Trump: NBA – Adam Silver WNBA – Cathy Engelbert MLB – Rob Manfred NFL – Roger Goodell NHL – Gary Bettman PGA TourJay Monahan UFC – Dana White WWE - Vince McMahon NASCAR – John Middlebrook or Jim France. MLS – Don Garber. Notice: No NCAA.

The Rob Manfred answer on buzzers was revealing in several ways: 1) MLB was "aware" of this "before the investigation." 2) Since he felt players were honest about 2017 & '18, it was "hard to figure out" why they'd lie about '19 3) Is he "100% sure" there were no buzzers? He's not

Many team officials across baseball frustrated, appalled by MLB decision on Astros/spygate. They believe that Rob Manfred threatened in past to come down hard on violators of electronic surveillance rule, and now with crystal-clear evidence of HOU breaking rules, nothing happens.