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Mike Davis played 60% of the snaps and had 4 touches today.

Holding call on Jesse Davis. When will Miami realize he's not a right tackle?

Madison Hubbell and Zach Donohue squeak by team and training mates Madi Chock & Evan Bates (209.54 to 208.23) to win their fourth consecutive #SkateAmerica , the first dance duo to do so here since Davis/White (2010-13) This US dance race this season is going to be *fascinating*

#WorldNewsTonight with @LinseyDavis  starts in FIVE minutes. RT if you're watching!

Joejuan Williams has had a really really really nice day today—marking at different time all the different Jets WRs…some Davis, some Cole, some Moore. Conventional wisdom being he was very matchup specific as tall & long CB, not the case at all today. Great day of work for him

The #Texans  talk about it every week: they have to protect that football. Davis Mills has to not turn the ball over.

Daniel Ricciardo is spiritually American. Sorry, @ScottMorrisonMP  he’s out now. You guys can have Rob Lowe or whatever.



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"As you wish." ❤️ In his final performance, Carl Reiner shares a special goodbye with his son Rob as part of the fan-film version of The Princess Bride:

Migrants don't rob the public purse of billions of pounds. That's tax dodgers. Migrants don't buy influence & subvert democracy. That's billionaires. And migrants don't let our schools & hospitals fall into ruin. That's a Tory government working for the 1%, not the 99%.

"I don't know if we have ever experienced this kind of global challenge to racism and to the consequences of slavery." Angela Davis says anti-racism protests around the world are "a very exciting moment".

Someone give Viola Davis an Oscar just for this performance of her pretending to take a shot #Oscars 

If Rob Walton, a key owner of Walmart, can afford an estimated $226 million for an antique car collection that includes 12 Ferraris, 6 Porsches, 2 Maseratis and a 1963 Corvette Grand Sport Roadster, you know what? Walmart can afford to pay at least $15/hour to all of its workers.

Uncle Rob, we love you and we will miss you. R.I.P

Here's the ugly truth at the core of all of this: the president actually can do whatever he wants - rob, cheat, steal, murder - if he can hold 34 senate votes.

BREAKING: Patriots agree to trade Rob Gronkowski to the Buccaneers. (via @RapSheet )

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Trade, pending physical: Patriots are trading TE Rob Gronkowski and a seventh-round pick to the Buccaneers for a fourth-round pick, source tells ESPN.