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Points to Melania for trying. But that speech was an interminable mess. #RNCConvention2020 

30 minutes into the #RNCConvention2020  #RNC2020Convention  My wife Tania said: ‘I am about to get a MAGA hat’. #Trump2020Landslide 

They tried to get Trump to care about right-wing terrorism. He ignored them. #rnc  #RNCConvention2020 

Hopefully no one was playing a drinking game with the words radical or socialists. #RNCConvention2020 

THE. BEST. SPEECH. OF. THE. NIGHT. @SenatorTimScott  knocks it out of the park!!! #RNCConvention2020 

That opening video for the #RNCConvention2020  was excellent! A very good start USUS

#Melania When the stigma (of drug addiction) is removed, people suffering will ask for help. True. 🙏🏻 @FLOTUS  #addiction  #RNCConvention2020 

Is every #RNCConvention2020  speaker required to say "Thank you President Trump"?? Sure seems like that was the price of admission.