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The heavily mutated Omicron coronavirus variant is likely to spread internationally and poses a very high risk of infection surges that could have ‘severe consequences’ in some places, the World Health Organization said

LIVE | On the #IndiaDevelopmentDebate  we discuss how India should prepare for #Omicron , which is considered as a very high global risk @TamannaInamdar  #NKArora  @ArvinderSoin 

#OmicronAlert – Mutant Omicron Scares World … Nations Impose Bans & Curfews … India Also Lists ‘At Risk’ Nations. PM Modi warns against ‘dhilai’ … TIMES NOW assesses preparedness. Tests, beds, and meds adequate? Rahul Shivshankar on #IndiaUpfront 

All those who are travelling from at-risk countries have to be in quarantine for 7 days. They have to do RT-PCR test again on the 8th day & if they're negative they still have to observe further isolation of 7 days. So, they've to be in quarantine for 14 days: Kerala Health Min

WHO flags global risk from Omicron, countries tighten curbs

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Dominion customers with an outstanding balance are at risk of having their service cut off as the company resumes disconnections today, nearly two years after pausing cut-offs during the pandemic.

"We really are bullish on the future of live entertainment," Oak View Group CEO Tim Leiweke says. "Most people ran away in the last two years from entrepreneurial spirit and risk." Full interview with @UBS  Americas President Tom Naratil:

This week @BankersPrez  will speak at the @ftlive  Global Banking Summit, participating in a panel on the changing face of risk in banking alongside experts from @WellsFargo , @HSBC , and @SASsoftware . #FTBanking  Find out more about the event:

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🔴 Teenagers at risk of gang violence are to receive NHS therapy as part of a £14 million plan to reduce knife crime

Part 2 of 5: Distribution of empirical & risk neutral 10-year US Treasury zero yield 5 years forward. 500,000 scenarios, 10-factor HJM model, daily data 1962 to September 30, 2021, stochastic volatility #ALM  #interestrates  #bonds 

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California! You’ve got a big choice to make by September 14, and everything is on the line. Your vote could be the difference between protecting our kids or putting them at risk; helping Californians recover or taking us backwards. Vote “no” on the Republican recall.

Fuck your wall. Split that 5 billion between at-risk children who don’t have lunches and vets who can’t get proper medical and psychological treatment. Fuck your vanity project. Do something good for once.

After close review of recent Tweets from the @realDonaldTrump  account and the context around them we have permanently suspended the account due to the risk of further incitement of violence.

Seriously people- STOP BUYING MASKS! They are NOT effective in preventing general public from catching #Coronavirus , but if healthcare providers can’t get them to care for sick patients, it puts them and our communities at risk!

These Trump “caravans” disrupting traffic and putting motorists at risk are pathetic, juvenile, and dangerous. This thuggish behavior is not the American way. Everybody needs to say that. I’m happy I just did.

The Fake News is talking about CASES, CASES, CASES. This includes many low risk people. Media is doing everything possible to create fear prior to November 3rd. The Cases are up because TESTING is way up, by far the most, and best, in the world. Mortality rate is DOWN 85% plus!

Pennsylvania Ballot “mistakes” made, in my opinion, on purpose by the Democrat Governor, puts Republicans, in particular @SeanParnellUSA , at great risk. Corrupt politics in Pennsylvania must be investigated immediately. By the way, Philadelphia is out of control. @TheJusticeDept 

I am allocating $2.96 BILLION in Emergency Solutions Grants to support homeless Americans and those at risk of becoming homeless because of job or wage loss, or illness due to COVID-19. We are taking care of our Nation’s most vulnerable citizens. Thanks @SecretaryCarson !

It’s World Health Day, and we owe a profound debt of gratitude to all our medical professionals. They’re still giving their all for us every day, at great risk to themselves, and we can’t thank them enough for their bravery and their service.

Mail in ballots substantially increases the risk of crime and VOTER FRAUD!