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looks like the inquiry by Treasury select committee into Greensill will be pretty forensic - here are some demands from its letter to Rishi Sunak today

Britcoin? rishi sunak'>Chancellor Rishi Sunak sets up taskforce to look at a digital currency for the UK. But what will it mean in practice? @ProfSteveKeen  weighs in.

David Cameron and Rishi Sunak have been sent a series of demands by a parliamentary inquiry into the former prime minister’s lobbying activities for Greensill Capital

Rishi Sunak's 'Britcoin' vision branded 'waste of time' and copy of 'failed' Chinese plan

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A panel of U.K. lawmakers are seeking evidence from former PM David Cameron and Chancellor Rishi Sunak as it probes lobbying from Greensill Capital to access coronavirus aid programs

About 1-in-6 of the U.K. workforce remain off the job following the coronavirus pandemic, underscoring the task facing rishi sunak'>Chancellor Rishi Sunak as he tries to revive the economy

Rishi Sunak Announces New Plans to Boost Fintech at UK Fintech Week by @thefintechtimes  2021-04-20 12:31:00

Rishi Sunak Announces New Plans to Boost Fintech at UK Fintech Week by @thefintechtimes  2021-04-20 12:31:00

Rishi Sunak Announces New Plans to Boost Fintech at UK Fintech Week by @thefintechtimes  2021-04-20 12:30:25


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Matt Hancock’s former pub landlord WhatsApped him & later secured a £30m Covid contract. David Cameron lobbied Rishi Sunak on behalf of Greensill. Reports that Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman lobbied Boris Johnson over the sale of Newcastle United. All of it stinks.

Confused by the Greensill scandal? 1️⃣David Cameron was Tory PM 2️⃣Then he went to Greensill 3️⃣Greensill wanted into Covid loan schemes 4️⃣Cameron messaged Rishi Sunak 5️⃣Rishi “pushed” his team to help 6️⃣Greensill got into a Covid loan scheme It’s not complex - it’s just sleaze.

Rishi Sunak was sent to an elite private school & Oxford, before becoming an investment banker & marrying the daughter of a billionaire. He's the richest MP. A single policy in his budget – the Universal Credit cut – will plunge 500,000 people into poverty. That's class war.

After giving David Cameron direct access to the heart of government, the Chancellor is hiding from scrutiny by Parliament. Rishi Sunak is nowhere to be seen.

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After watching #Marr  interview of Rishi Sunak I see the non aggression pact between the BBC and the Conservative Party is still robustly in place.

Rishi Sunak says freeports are "a policy we can only pursue now we are out of the EU", ignoring the fact that the UK had 7 freeports between 1984 and 2012

Rishi Sunak the new Chancellor is a former Goldman Sachs banker who has backed ▪️anti trade union regulations ▪️tax cuts for big business ▪️opposing tax avoidance clampdown ▪️cutting tax for wealthiest The mask is slipping already, this isn’t a different kind of Tory government


Rishi Sunak: "When this is over - and it will be over - we want to look back on this moment and remember the small acts of kindness done by us and to us. We want to remember how we thought first of others and acted with decency... it's on all of us"

Government to pay 80% of wages for employees not working, up to £2,500 a month, rishi sunak'>Chancellor Rishi Sunak says