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📆 One former secretary of state complained that the government lacked long-term thinking on the most important issue facing the country 😟 They said the vacuum was being filled by briefing wars between Downing Street and the Treasury, and that Sunak seemed "deflated" /8

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🙅‍♂️ A Downing Street source said "little had changed" with the government’s position on cost of living measures heading into the weekend 🤝 Sunak and Johnson are expected to meet next week to have further discussions about what should be done /4

Rishi's riches: How rich is Rishi Sunak? Chancellor becomes first-ever MP to make rich list

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Saturday's Daily Record front page: Rishi Sunak and wife Akshata Murty made the Sunday Times Rich List with a £730million fortune. #ScotPapers 

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#RishiSunak, wife Akshata enter UK’s ‘super-rich’ list with £730m fortune

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Saturday's Daily Record front page: Rishi Sunak and wife Akshata Murty made the Sunday Times Rich List with a £730million fortune. #TomorrowsPapersToday  #scotpapers 

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'He must have a unique insight into the cost of living crisis': Eyebrows raised as Rishi Sunak and billionaire heiress wife feature on UK's Rich List

UK rishi sunak'>Finance Minister Rishi Sunak and his wife, Akshata Murty make Sunday Times Rich list, after scrutiny over UK tax status


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Rishi Sunak does not thing we need a government enquiry into furlough fraud, PPE fraud or Covid loan fraud, but he does want a government enquiry into who leaked his tax affairs. How egotistical is that?

There is a growing and numbing realisation of just how bad Sunak's budget really was. Worse, he’s even now saying that there is nothing he can do about poverty. This is a long thread to explain why he’s failing and what we can do about it if we want to change our politics.

I spent yesterday writing about the technicalities of domicile as they might impact Rishi Sunak’s wife. But that’s because her tax decisions cast doubt on his suitability for office. Another thread, this time in the man himself ….

This week we found out that Rishi Sunak: 🛑 Blocked an increase of the energy bill rebate from £200 to £500. 💵 Donated £100,000 to top boarding school Winchester College. ✈️And his ultra-rich wife claims non-Dom tax status. He's not on your side.

Rishi Sunak is swerving questions and switching tax codes even faster than bills are going up for the rest of us. When the Chancellor can’t even honestly say which country he lives in how on earth can we trust him with our taxes?

Boris Johnson and Rishi Sunak have been fined by the police for breaking the law. Now they should be held to account for the UK’s 170,000 Covid deaths, Covid contract corruption and for the millions of people they have plunged into poverty while the super rich dodge their taxes.

Two types of people defending Sunak & his wife: obscenely rich fellow tax avoiders who own newspapers and terminally stupid sycophants. Just check your bank balance to find out which category you’re in!

Rishi Sunak’s family have £727m stake in Infosys that Lesia Vasylenko, a Ukrainian MP, warned on Friday was helping to "fund bullets that are killing children and civilians". Sunak wants everyone else to cut business ties with Russia.

When you hear Rishi Sunak speaking today, remember he's the richest MP in Parliament who has repeatedly voted to slash social security support for workers while cutting taxes for some of the wealthiest. Sunak is a super-rich Chancellor who works for the super-rich.

Rishi Sunak found £4,000,000,000 in tax cuts for wealthy bankers, but refused the £20-a-week Universal Credit uplift to struggling working class families. That tells you about the priorities of this super-rich Tory Chancellor.