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Matt Hancock’s former pub landlord WhatsApped him & later secured a £30m Covid contract. David Cameron lobbied Rishi Sunak on behalf of Greensill. Reports that Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman lobbied Boris Johnson over the sale of Newcastle United. All of it stinks.

Confused by the Greensill scandal? 1️⃣David Cameron was Tory PM 2️⃣Then he went to Greensill 3️⃣Greensill wanted into Covid loan schemes 4️⃣Cameron messaged Rishi Sunak 5️⃣Rishi “pushed” his team to help 6️⃣Greensill got into a Covid loan scheme It’s not complex - it’s just sleaze.

Rudra Devi, 62, lost her 26-year-old son Ranjeet Singh, a worker with the Rishi Ganga project. “My son often comes in my dreams and tells me that he was alive for three days, and asks us to dig out his body. But no efforts are being made.”

'It can offer benefits that are the same as a pension plan': Could a Lifetime Isa help shelter your retirement savings from Rishi Sunak's tax raid?

Today, I spoke to @bbc5live  about David Cameron and lobbying influence. Government should be providing equality of influence to everyone, rather than the select few that have Rishi Sunak's phone number. It isn't right and it needs to be sorted. Listen 🎧

EXCLUSIVE: Rishi Sunak's "super deduction" investment tax break will fail to help swathes of companies because they hire much of their machinery instead of buying it. Construction and IT firms will be among those to miss out, reports @tomelleryrees 

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I've just joined @AnnelieseDodds  in asking Rishi Sunak to #BackTheBidenTax  and end global tax dodging. Add your name now 👇

Former prime minister David Cameron and chancellor Rishi Sunak are set to be called to give evidence to parliamentary inquiries into the Greensill Capital scandal

⬇️How is David Cameron involved? 💼After he left number 10, David Cameron went to work for Greensill 💰It has emerged that Cameron had privately lobbied ministers, including rishi sunak'>Chancellor Rishi Sunak, to win access to an emergency coronavirus loan scheme for his employer

Rishi Sunak is no stranger to looking daft – with the David Cameron fallout, it’s just as well | @tompeck 


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Rishi Sunak was sent to an elite private school & Oxford, before becoming an investment banker & marrying the daughter of a billionaire. He's the richest MP. A single policy in his budget – the Universal Credit cut – will plunge 500,000 people into poverty. That's class war.

Here's RISHI for you... Wishing you all a Happy Ugadi ? #JoinRishi  #Maharshi 

Embarking on my new journey as RISHI. #MAHARSHI 

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This is unreal and unbelievable. Yesterday Irrfan Khan and today Rishi Kapoor ji. It's hard to accept this as a legend passes away today. My condolences to the family and may his soul rest in peace 😟💔

One blow after another. Rishi ji’s passing away is nothing short of a stab to my heart. We associated in Raju Chacha (2000) and stayed in touch through...until now. Condolences to Neetuji, Ranbir, Riddhima & Dabbooji 🙏


Very very sad to hear about the passing away of Rishi ji. I grew up watching his movies and he was always very gracious when we met over the years. May his soul Rest in Peace. My heartfelt condolences to Neetu ji, Ranbir and the whole Kapoor family. 🙏

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Multifaceted, endearing and lively...this was Rishi Kapoor Ji. He was a powerhouse of talent. I will always recall our interactions, even on social media. He was passionate about films and India’s progress. Anguished by his demise. Condolences to his family and fans. Om Shanti.