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Conservative MPs are demanding to see the legal advice for Rishi Sunak’s controversial Channel asylum laws as the threat of rebellion grows

Rishi Sunak and his wife Akshata Murty were spotted walking their labrador without a lead - in an area where dogs are not allowed to roam free 👇

Rishi Sunak is certainly setting the agenda – but will he get the approval he wants? @indypremium 

Rishi Sunak warned against relaxing City of London rules

“There’s a lot of undecided people.” Red Wall voters are not convinced by Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer and could help Rishi Sunak win a general election, Tory MP James Daly tells @mattfrei 

Rishi Sunak's protection officer reminded him dogs should be on a lead by the lake in Hyde Park.

U.K. rishi sunak'>Prime Minister Rishi Sunak and his family have spoken to by a police officer after letting their dog off the leash in London’s Hyde Park.


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Rishi Sunak’s wife is earning tens of millions from her shares in a company still operating from Moscow. His tough talk on Putin’s regime is compromised by private conflict of interest. Why is he still refusing to answer questions about Infosys?

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MODERNA WITHHELD TRIAL DATA on booster shot to win $5bn USA contract RISHI SUNAK Signed UK gov deal with Moderna before Xmas of £1 billion while refusing to say how much profit he has personally made from shares in Moderna via his hedge fund Theleme

EXCLUSIVE: In a leaked video, Rishi Sunak boasted to Conservative Party members that he was prepared to take public money out of “deprived urban areas” to help wealthy towns. @REWearmouth  reports:

'RishiSunak isn't even British!' Sangita Myska eviscerates this racist caller who says Tory party member won't vote for Sunak because 'he doesn't represent Britain'. @SangitaMyska 

The cost of meeting nurses’ demand for an inflation-busting pay rise: £1.6 billion. The cost of Rishi Sunak’s bank tax giveaways: £7.3 billion. If we can afford handouts for the rich, we can afford to meet the basic needs of those who keep this country afloat.

The Tories have crowned Rishi Sunak without him saying a word about what he would do as PM. He has no mandate, no answers and no ideas. Nobody voted for this. The public deserve their say on Britain’s future through a General Election. It’s time for a fresh start with Labour.

BREAKING: Rishi Sunak is now set to become UK's next prime minister, after the other candidate withdrew. The ex-finance minister and his wife have an estimated $824 million fortune, while 14 million people in the UK cannot afford regular meals.

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BREAKING: Rishi Sunak is new UK Prime Minister. He’ll be the first British-Asian PM & first Hindu PM, and at 42, the youngest PM in modern times. I’ve backed @RishiSunak  for a long time, think he’s the right guy for the job, and wish him every success.

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Rishi Sunak and his wife sit on a fortune of £730,000,000. That’s around twice the estimated wealth of King Charles III. Remember this whenever he talks about making “tough decisions” that working class people will pay for.

rishi sunak'>Meet Rishi Sunak, Britain's new PM who is only 42, meaning he'll probably serve well into his 42-and-a-halves