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Top military chief says soldiers were issued bayonets for DC unrest, documents show some were not trained in riot response.

Following the protest, Virginia Beach attorney Tim Anderson began gathering signatures for a petition for her recall, saying she incited a riot, a felony in Virginia. Here's her response:

Soldiers, including some from Fort Bragg, were issued bayonets before being mobilized to Washington DC during civil unrest last month and were also not trained in riot response, documents show. via WSPA7

Troops sent to D.C. last month during protests were equipped with bayonets, Joint Chiefs chairman confirms. The AP reports some were not trained in riot response. But the troops were never actually sent to the protests after they arrived.

The joint chief of staff confirmed this report and added some were not trained in riot response at all.

The letter comes as the AP also reports that members of the 82nd Airborne who deployed to Washington were not trained in riot response.

Top military chief says soldiers were issued bayonets for DC unrest, documents show some were not trained in riot response via CNBC #news  #CNBC 

Downtown retailers still reeling from fiery riot and city’s meek response: ‘It was chaos'

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Coming up on “At Issue” at 10 a.m., the results of our KSTP/SURVEYUSA poll on coronavirus response by President Trump and Governor Walz. COVID-19 funding is on way to local governments and Senate GOP to investigate riot response in Mpls and St. Paul. See you at 10 on Ch. 5.


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UPDATE: Oklahoma schools will include the 1921 Tulsa Race Riot in curriculum starting in the Fall. The incident, which killed dozens of Black residents in Tulsa’s Black Wall Street neighborhood, occurred in response to the growth and success of all-Black towns.

HAPPENING NOW: Atlanta#protests  in response to the #GeorgeFloyd  killing have turned chaotic as police in riot gear are called in:

57 members of Buffalo Policeriot response team resign from the unit in support of the 2 officers who were suspended for pushing elderly protester to the ground. They say the 2 suspended officers "were simply following orders.”

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Until the Harlem riot in 1935, American "race riots" were primarily instances of white supremacists attacking/burning the black side of town. In the century since, “race riots” happen in response to police violence against black people. A two-graph history of this, from my book

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@RepMarkMeadows  Nadler's response: "He told the Committee that he could not find the time to testify because of that epidemic—but took the time to tour the peaceful protests at Lafayette Park just minutes before riot police fired tear gas into the crowd. "

Tonight there was a riot all right. It was one big riot that broke out in several cities. It was a police riot, however. It was a loud and violent response to the arrest of all four officers who have now been charged in the George Floyd murders. It’s a big “How fucking dare you?”

There’s no right to riot. But when @Kaepernick7  tried peaceful protest in response to police killings of unarmed black men a lot of people said he had no right to do that either. So what is the proper response to police killings of unarmed black men?

Graeme Souness on Mourinho's celebrations last night: "He could've caused a riot." Mick McCarthy's response: "You stuck a Galatasary flag in the middle of Fenerbahce's pitch!" ??

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As football fans riot, I am reminded that, in response to the unjust deaths of young Black men like Trayvon Martin (who would have been 23 today), rioting is considered an affront to humanity. Not endorsing violence. Endorsing honest examination of WHY & eradication of racism.

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If your response to people who disagree with your beliefs is to loot, riot, vandalize, set fires, and punch them, then you need new beliefs.