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#GlobalEye | India, other countries have been advocating for ceasefire & we want human rights to be respected, civilians are suffering, says @aniltrigunayat , Fmr Indian Envoy to Jordan in a conversation with @Parikshitl 

There are many similarities between the #Kashmir  & #Palestine  crises Both are some of the longest unresolved UN conflicts, with generations engulfed by a cycle of violence & abuse Contempt for international law & human rights by Israel & India must end

Had a fruitful discussion with US Trade Representative@AmbassadorTai  focusing on India & US working together on Trade-Related aspects of Intellectual Property Rights (TRIPS) waiver. This will ensure affordable COVID-19 vaccines for all.

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Union Commerce & Industries Minister Piyush Goyal holds a "fruitful discussion with US Trade Representative Katherine Tai focusing on India & US working together on Trade-Related aspects of Intellectual Property Rights (TRIPS) waiver"

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Dr Smarajit Jana, who passed away on May 8, was not merely a social worker. He was revolutionary, in that for perhaps the first time in India, someone talked about rights for sex workers. | Mari Marcel Thekaekara

Most available doses of vaccines have been pre-ordered by countries like US, Canada, others including EU. In the short-term, India should take rigorous interventions: @LGostin , Prof, Georgetown University & Dir, WHO Collaborating Center on Public Health Law & Human Rights.

India’s Covid anguish fuels calls to release rights activists from jail

INDO-PACIFIC LOCATONS | MORE BASES, BUT WHERE? The U.S. Army is quietly forging partnerships in Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam and India. The hope is that the trust-building efforts could lead to access, basing and overflight rights. @kenmoriyasu  reports

India’s Forest Rights Act 2006 (FRA) is perhaps the first law in the world to outright discard state-led fortress conservation, adopting conservation-based community forest governance instead. | C.R. Bijoy


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The government of India’s Prime Minister Modi is presiding over a dangerous regression in free speech rights in pursuit of its Hindu nationalist agenda. #FarmersProtest 

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This week I will be sending Legal Notice to the Indian Express and the Oped Writer Khaled Ahmed for criminal defamation for publishing an article recycling the cut paste extraction of my interview to the Canadian media that Muslims in India do not have equal rights with Hindus.

Over 200 million Muslims call India home. Widespread anti-Muslim mob violence has killed at least 27 and injured many more. Trump responds by saying, "That's up to India." This is a failure of leadership on human rights.

In 1947 India was under no obligation to allow Muslims to settle in India because Partition was, according to Indian Independence Act passed by House of Commons, for a Hindu ruled India and a Muslim ruled Pakistan. Settling in India does not give Muslims any special rights

It's murder,Malappuram is famous for such incidents, it's India's most violent district.For instance, they throw poison on roads so that 300-400 birds & dogs die at one time: Maneka Gandhi,BJP MP&animal rights activist on elephant's death after being fed cracker-stuffed pineapple

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"We are concerned that India’s new Citizenship (Amendment) Act 2019 is fundamentally discriminatory in nature. We hope the Supreme Court of #India  will consider carefully the compatibility of the law with India’s international human rights obligations." -- @UNHumanRights 

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He was the stalwart who unified India. A leader of farmers, a great administrator and uncompromising when it came to safeguarding rights of the poor, India will always remember Sardar Patel’s unparalleled contribution. Paid tributes to him at the ‘Statue of Unity.’

Wait. I was born in the United States to two Indian professionals who later became proud citizens of this country. So... now I would be a citizen of India? My contributions to this country would be as a foreigner with no rights?

I thank all parties and MPs who have supported the passage of The Muslim Women (Protection of Rights on Marriage) Bill, 2019 in both Houses of Parliament. They have risen to the occasion and this step of theirs will forever be remembered in India’s history.

On a call with Pakistan's PM Imran Khan I listened to his concerns about the situation in Kashmir, including the ongoing curfew. The UN has a vital role in ensuring dialogue between India and Pakistan. Any political resolution must uphold the human rights of the Kashmiri people.