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Thailand approved a draft bill that would give same-sex couples many of the same rights as those of heterosexual marriages, including adopting children. The bill, which avoids the term "marriage," must get through Parliament to become law.

Editorial: The decision to extend the visas of thousands of Hong Kong residents now in Australia is a reasonable humanitarian and economic response to Beijing’s latest threat to human rights in the former British colony

It is ghastly to see officials take revenge on a hapless man who went to court against them. They have not only worked against the directives of the Hon’ble High Court but have also violated the human rights of the farmer by resorting to physical violence & verbal abuse. (3/4)

Human rights lawyer @caoilfhionnanna  and Rappler CEO and Executive Director@mariaressa  talks about what’s next for Rappler after the guilty verdict in @fcchk  Zoom event.

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Even in Nigeria, abused women don’t lack needed attention from numerous rights groups, except, of course, the abuser is a fellow woman!

"As countries struggle with this unprecedented threat, they face a delicate balance between protecting their people and maintaining essential health services, while minimizing social and economic damage, and respecting human rights " @DrTedros-  #COVID19 

Rights and Issues Investment Trust PLC: Net Asset Value(s)

Lots of handwringing re: Uncle Joe's #cannabis  policy, particularly re: logistics of rescheduling adult-use, descheduling medical and decriminalizing both. Still think 1. Senate more impt 2. VP matters 3. Remains states' rights issue 4. progress is good.

Civil rights groups say D.C. police aided clearing of Lafayette Square on June 1

This year's Heineken Champions Cup and Challenge finals will not take place in Marseille as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, with organisers opting to push the planned hosting rights back by 12 months


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This is not a political issue this is a human rights issue. This is systematic racism and oppression at the hands of law enforcement in our country. We want justice and we want change. It shouldn't have happened once and it should never happen again. This is not a discussion.

The importance of knowing your rights - and having a camera...

welcome to pride month and remember that queer rights wouldn’t exist at all without protests and riots


All Americans R granted rights 2 peaceful protests Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable-JFK

So let me get this straight: Legislation to restore the rights'>Voting Rights Act has been sitting on McConnell’s desk for months — and he will directly benefit from his state allocating just one polling place for 616,000 predominantly Black voters? Can this be any more blatant?

Every police department violating people's civil rights must be stripped of federal funding.

Isn’t it amazing how upset the police get when you know your rights?

‘This is a warrant.’ ’No it’s not.’ — This citizen stopped ICE from arresting 2 undocumented immigrants because he knew his rights

Trump mobilizing armed forces against our own citizens and then carefully mentioning “2nd amendment rights” which he knows will encourage civilians to turn arms on one another other. Lacking any integrity or empathy. This is out of control.