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“The election wasn’t rigged. I was wrong to imply it was. This has gotten out of hand. I didn’t sign up for an armed insurrection. I swore an oath to the Constitution, and I let the moment blind me and imperil democracy itself. I am sorry.” - Actually no one has said this yet.

Bankrupt Bankrupt Bankrupt It's all rigged Something nefarious happened Minewarping mind hole I never lose I will never concede I always win one way or the other #Contemporarywritings  #Poetrylovers 

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Yoweri Museveni has been declared the winner of Uganda’s presidential election, extending his 35-year rule. But his main challenger, Bobi Wine claims the election was rigged 👇

Look forward to working with the Biden Administration as we work to restore American credibility in confronting violations of human and democratic rights, from Uganda’s rigged election, to China’s crackdown in #HongKong  to Russia’s detention of @navalny .

Sen Lindsey Graham (R-SC), one of Pres Trump’s biggest loyalists on Capitol Hill, makes direct appeal to Republicans still in doubt about #Election2020 , saying: “Biden actually won... The election wasn’t rigged,” @nytimes  rpts:

"He needs to accept responsibility for what he's done, that he lied to his followers, that all of these claims of fraud and stolen and rigged elections, that was all a grift. It was a long game. It was a con, and he needs to own up to that."

Law enforcement were out in force at state capitol grounds across the U.S. in preparation for protests that so far have drawn only a small number of Trump supporters, who believe the president's false claim that the 2020 election was rigged. More photos:

This game is rigged by Head and Shoulders.

Gov. Hutchinson: Trump misled followers into believing election was rigged, resulted in attack on Capitol#WallSt 

LOOK: Supporters of President Museveni celebrated on Saturday as he was declared the winner by the electoral commission of Uganda, despite accusations of a rigged election #UgandaDecides2021 


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I saved at least 8 Republican Senators, including Mitch, from losing in the last Rigged (for President) Election. Now they (almost all) sit back and watch me fight against a crooked and vicious foe, the Radical Left Democrats. I will NEVER FORGET!

The United States had more votes than it had people voting, by a lot. This travesty cannot be allowed to stand. It was a Rigged Election, one not even fit for third world countries!


Big news coming out of Pennsylvania. Very big illegal ballot drop that cannot be accounted for. Rigged Election!

He only won in the eyes of the FAKE NEWS MEDIA. I concede NOTHING! We have a long way to go. This was a RIGGED ELECTION!

Just saw the vote tabulations. There is NO WAY Biden got 80,000,000 votes!!! This was a 100% RIGGED ELECTION.

The 1,126,940 votes were created out of thin air. I won Pennsylvania by a lot, perhaps more than anyone will ever know. The Pennsylvania votes were RIGGED. All other swing states also. The world is watching!

Heartwarming to see all of the tremendous support out there, especially the organic Rallies that are springing up all over the Country, including a big one on Saturday in D.C. I may even try to stop by and say hello. This Election was Rigged, from Dominion all the way up & down!