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The fifth is when he called Rick Santorum "fake" fiscal conservative at a Presidential debate. When Santorum responded "I'm real", Paul followed with "Congratulations!"

rick santorum is currently lecturing van jones on who black men should truly fear.

Join @NR_Institute  and @claphamgroup  tomorrow for a special virtual forum on paid family leave featuring Rick Santorum in conversation with Kathryn Jean Lopez. Watch via livestream on our Facebook page or register in advance for the webinar here:

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Grick santorum'>OP’s Rick Santorum clashes with CNN host after claiming Trump supported peaceful protesters

Van Jones urged Republicans to denounce Trump’s racism — and Rick Santorum got really defensive

CNN host catches Rick Santorum blaming Obama: ‘I’m giving you an opportunity to not be a hypocrite’

CNN host catches Rick Santorum blaming Barack Obama: ‘I’m giving you an opportunity to not be a hypocrite’

CNN anchor catches Rick Santorum blaming Obama: ‘I’m giving you an opportunity to not be a hypocrite’


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rick santorum'>Love Rick Santorum on @NewDay  blaming -- wait for it -- Obama for Trump's use of "executive actions."

Rick Santorum is saying on CNN right now that Trump isn't lying when he says he wants to protect pre-existing conditions. The other 6 panelists are shaking their heads, rolling their eyes & pushing back. The problem, though, is CNN inviting Santorum on to keep spewing lies on air

Former GOP Sen. Rick Santorum suggests students protesting for gun control would be better served by taking CPR classes

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There is no shortage of misguided statements in today’s America. But Rick Santorum suggesting that kids learn CPR instead of calling for gun laws is in a category of its own.

on climate change, Rick Santorum is all those tobacco executives who spent decades insisting there was no proof that smoking caused cancer

A new poll says that Americans now view the Parkland students more favorably than the NRA. Sounds like the NRA is going to need some CPR to resuscitate their popularity. Maybe Rick Santorum can help.

Rick Santorum's Greatest Hits: Gay soldiers cause problems because showers Gay marriage will lead to bestiality Abortions to save the life of a woman are "phony" The best way for kids to fight gun violence is to learn CPR WHY IS THIS MAN A PAID CONTRIBUTOR TO ?

Rick Santorum has body hair in the exact shape of his sweater vest. #InMyHeart 

You guys, don't tell Rick Santorum, but Jesus was a middle eastern, socialist Jew. I think it will bum him out.