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Love the suitably vague CV detail: "Richard joined SIS in 1987 where he undertook a range of roles across the Service both in the UK and overseas..." He is currently FCO political director.

Interesting interview with Pennsylvania Acting Sec of Banking and Securities on the unmet need of small businesses given that program ran out of money. Richard Vague said that he predicts we are going to need another $2-3 trillion in stimulus. @thehill 

What Richard Vague Says that Matt Taibbi, our Acrophobic Champion for the Duration of the COVD-19 Crisis, Needs to Learn about Stratospheric Levels of Public Debt

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“If [Sen. Mike] Lee says the closed Senate briefing by White House officials was inadequate and vague and insulting ... a White House ‘cover-up’ is suggested,” Richard from CITY writes in a letter to the editor.

Check out the interview from our friends at Naked Capitalism with Richard Vague on financial crises

Are financial crises avoidable? Richard Vague says yes—by reigning in the excessive private lending that’s driven major crashes over the past 200 years. Watch the full interview with @rjocean  at

Getting set up at the release party for Richard Vague’s new book, “A Brief History of Doom: Two Hundred Years of Financial Crises”:

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"Private debt is key, and the story of financial crisis is, at heart, a story of private debt and runaway lending. Time and time again it is a story of lending booms in which bankers and other lenders make far too many bad loans." - Richard Vague

Richard Vague conducted 20 focus groups with middle-class voters, both Democratic and Republican, in six presidential battleground states

How do you know a major financial crisis is coming? Look for a spike in privately held debt, by households and corporations. Watch our full interview with Richard Vague at

West Virginia's Richard Ojeda is a case study against the alleged benefits of Democrats adopting centrism. The center is largely empty in the aggregate. People are motivated by positions and stances, not vague ideas of compromise and bipartisanship.

If the argument is that both the Richard Spencer brigade and Antifa needed criticizing, then he should have done that. Instead he was vague.