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Today the American Humanist Association Board voted to withdraw, effective immediately, the 1996 Humanist of the Year award it bestowed on Richard Dawkins. Tap the preview below to read the board's statement explaining why.

Indian critics who doubt that Javed Akhtar is a true atheist who deserves the Richard Dawkins Award should watch this interview with Faye D’Souza. He is not only a rational, thoughtful atheist but also a deeply moral secular humanist.

Javed Akhtar@Javedakhtarjadu  is the 2020 Richard Dawkins Award winner and I could not be more pleased. The Center for Inquiry, on whose board I sit, has designated him this year's recipient for his courageous public stands on behalf of atheism, rationality, and freethought.

Sometimes I feel sympathy for the people who worry about “cancel culture” and then I remember that I was canceled and deplatformed but they don’t think it counts because I was targeted by Richard Dawkins and his fans instead of, like, trans people or antifa or whoever 🤷‍♀️

reminder that richard dawkins literally deplatformed me from multiple speaking opportunities bc he refuses to share a stage with me.

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Javed Akhtar has become the first Indian to win Richard Dawkins Award 2020 for critical thinking, advancing human progress and humanist values

Letter in Guardian Having been defeated twice by thumping majorities, Mrs May now seeks to bring her identical Brexit proposal back for a third roll of the dice. Yet if we the people ask for a second referendum it is a “betrayal”. Why the double standard? Richard Dawkins Oxford

The Left continues its slow suicide by intolerance, emboldening the right: Richard Dawkins deplatformed in Berkeley.

A Changed Man: Richard Dawkins Has Converted To Christianity After Watching One Episode Of ‘VeggieTales’

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