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“We know all the things we can do. We just for some reason still don’t love Black and Latino children enough as a city to do it.” Richard Buery to @errollouis  on NYC’s refusal to scrap the admissions test that shuts Black and Latino students out of the city’s top schools.

“My mantra now is, what’s the least bad decision,” said Richard Buery, the president of Achievement First, a charter network in three states.

“Richard Buery Jr., the chief of policy and public affairs for KIPP public charter Schools, said the charter grant cut was ‘unnecessary antagonism,’ but more concerning was the 28 other programs for low-income public school students being cut.” @EricaLG 

Via @RickHess99 : Straight Up Conversation: KIPP Chief of Policy and Public Affairs Richard Buery

2 "Great things happen for all of us" — 2 Striking that Richard Buery was there and shouted out, given the whole thing with DOE appearing to pull strings to get one of his kids into MS51 in Park Slope.

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NYC official Richard Buery who championed education to join charter school network @lesliebrody 

Richard Buery, whom charter advocate and hedge funder Dan Loeb once attacked as anti-charter in racial terms (see: ), will be chief of policy for...a national charter schools network

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I would also like to thank Richard Buery for his four years of service. With Pre-K, 3-K and Thrive NYC, he has improved the lives of New Yorkers across the five boroughs.

Mayor Bill de Blasio will name J. Phillip Thompson as deputy mayor to replace Richard Buery. Thompson worked on housing in the Dinkins admin. Also worked as a deputy general manager at NYCHA.


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richard buery'>Deputy Mayor Richard Buery took our most challenging idea — Pre-K For All — and brought it to life. He has changed the lives of tens of thousands of New York City families.

Our story posting very soon (credit to for pubbing faster) but take a look at some of the emails that billionaire donor Dan Loeb exchanged with NYC richard buery'>Deputy Mayor Richard Buery, who is African American.