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Ensure a purposeful strategy is put into practice: ✅ SimplifyConnect ✅ Own ✅ RewardExemplify@profyounger  explores how businesses can ensure purposeful plans turn into actions. #governance 

UPDATE: Reward for Gunman Who Shot 2 LASD Deputies in Ambush-Style Attack Now at Nearly $700K

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NEOUSD Third Chance: Profit=203% SL=24% Reward/Risk > 8.4:1 🙋 Get a 1% cash loan ⟶ √

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QKqSxXZ4ir catch pieces of the swings as best we can and consider risk and reward when targets are approached

Yonkers police ask for help finding murder suspect, are offering $5K reward if caught

Business Owner Said Hacker Stole Her Credit Card Reward Points In A Growing Scam

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$5K reward being offered for information in Fort Valley block party shooting

Gap traders playing inside day can relax. find one good trade a day. 7:24 AM E 42 agg pivot. //risk and reward always part of the game

@pkafka  Hadn’t thought of this whole thing as more than revenge politics, but your tweet reminds me it also a way for the President to reward his pals with an underpriced, extremely valuable asset.

Report: Cops Got Steakhouse Reward for Using Force

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This Labor Day I think of those toiling to keep us safe and make our world less broken. I think of “essential workers” whose wages and benefits do not equal the value they provide or risks they take. Our economy doesn’t recognize or reward labor enough. We can, must do better.

UPDATE: DO YOU RECOGNIZE THIS MALE? This male is a person of interest that shot 2 people yesterday on I-225. Please reach out to @CrimeStoppersCO  with tips. You can remain anonymous and be eligible for a reward of up to $2,000.

The State Department’s Rewards for Justice program is offering a reward of up to $10 million for information regarding individuals who work for or with foreign governments to interfere in U.S. federal, state, or local elections. @StateDeptDSS  @RFJ_USA 

IT TAKES SECONDS TO RETWEET: $50,000 reward for help finding missing Fort Hood soldier Vanessa Guillen.

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Trump found out that Russia was paying bounties to have American soldiers killed in Afghanistan. Then he called on Russia to be readmitted to the G7. Basically every country knows they can kick America around and Trump will either do nothing or reward them.

Bill Barr is following the law. What's his reward? Democrats are going to hold him in contempt.

This bomb sniffing good boy got a reward after his final sniff before retirement. Dogs, bruh...

The same guy who said “I alone can fix it,” And then said “I take no responsibility,” Now wants to be in charge of a $500 billion slush fund with the power to reward friends and punish enemies, and says, “I will be the oversight.” My answer: “No you won’t.”

Trump is using the powers of the presidency like a tyrant—now, to reward accomplices and go after witnesses who dared to speak against him. This should concern and anger us all.

Well done on solving the challenge... here's a little something as a reward#KillMyMind