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Demonstrators block southbound lanes of Interstate Bridge; protesters also gather at Revolution Hall in Portland

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Watch live: Hundreds of people have gathered outside Revolution Hall in SE Portland to commemorate Juneteenth.

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Protesters march from Revolution Hall to Waterfront Park; crowd gathers outside Mayor's believed home

We have photographer @bethnakamura  back out in the field now and reporter @maxoregonian  will be joining her shortly. The group from Revolution Hall is about to cross the Morrison Bridge. We will put updates in this thread as the night goes on.

Hundreds of protesters have made it across the river, on their way to Pioneer Square, after starting at Revolution Hall Monday evening.

LIVE: The nightly Black Lives Matter demonstration organized by Rose City Justice outside of Revolution Hall has begun.

It's the 17th day of marches, rallies and protests in Portland. There's a group starting its march outside Revolution Hall again tonight. We'll add reporting updates to this thread and this story:

Marceau Michel leads the crowd outside Portland's Revolution Hall in a round of "Black Lives are Magic " singing. (video by @FedorZarkhin  )

LIVE: Protesters gather outside Revolution Hall in Southeast Portland for the nightly #BlackLivesMatter  march.


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Meanwhile, on the east side, a crowd of protesters has returned outside Revolution Hall near 13th and Stark. (via by @sean2m  )

#OTD in 1939, Marian Anderson sang from the steps of the Lincoln Memorial, after being denied access by the Daughters of the American Revolution, the DAR, to Constitution Hall. Learn More: #APeoplesJourney  #SmithsonianMusic 

During Bernie Sanders’ town hall in South Carolina tonight, Americans should know: 👎He praised communist dictator Fidel Castro—who imprisoned & executed thousands for his “revolution in terms of values” 👎He defends socialist Dictators like Venezuela’s Nicolas Maduro

@WillOspreay  defeated @zacksabrejr  in London’s York Hall Friday night, becoming British Heavyweight Champion for the first time on his fifth attempt at Revolution Pro’s High Stakes event!! WATCH NOW👉 #NJPW  #RPW  #HighStakes2020  #njpwworld 

The political revolution continues in Nevada! Join us for a town hall in Las Vegas on the economic crises facing Nevadans.

The political revolution continues in Nevada! Join us in Las Vegas for a town hall on education, criminal justice, and economic rights.

Outraged by Marian Anderson’s exclusion by the Daughters of the American Revolution from performing at Constitution Hall, Eleanor Roosevelt quit the organization and arranged for her to sing at Lincoln Memorial instead, 80 years ago:

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80 years ago today, Marian Anderson made history when she sang to a crowd of 75,000 at the Lincoln Memorial. The Daughters of the American Revolution had denied her the use of Constitution Hall.

Today is November 9th, most significant date in German history: 1848: Robert Blum executed - liberal March Revolution fails 1918: Kaiser Wilhelm II dethroned 1923: Hitler's failed Beer Hall Putsch 1938: Kristallnacht. The beginning of the Holocaust 1989: Fall of the Berlin Wall

Today in 1939: Eleanor Roosevelt resigns from Daughters of the American Revolution over refusal to allow Marian Anderson sing in white-performers-only Constitution Hall

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