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A modern-day sequel to 'The Revenant,' only this time the bear was not computer-generated. @gettinviggy 

Like "The Revenant," but real: A grizzly bear terrorized a man for days in Alaska, until the Coast Guard saw his SOS.

Coast Guard rescues man attacked by bear in real-life version of ‘The Revenant

The Coast Guard saved a dude from doing a real-life version of Leonardo DiCaprio's performance in 'The Revenant'

A few months ago, Planet Money host @aronczyk  got bitten by a dragon while on her way to the Revenant Caves, in a place called Gielinor.

A LibyanRevenant Betrayed to his factional rivals by Saudi Arabia and left for dead, a Libyan militia commander got his chance at revenge This by @FWehrey  gives you a terrifying insight into the battle for Libya. Great stuff from @newlinesmag 

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📽️The Revenant | Tonight 9.40pm @RTE2  ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ @RTE_Ents  "An epic action movie set in a vast landscape that tells an age-old tale of revenge & redemption, The Revenant boasts stand-out performances and stunning visuals." Stars Leonardo DiCaprio,Tom Hardy & Domhnall Gleeson

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A revenant reunion will take place in Copenhagen, Denmark, as two Viking-era skeletons form the centerpiece of a new exhibition ⬇

i love when a restaurant calls itself "so-and-so provisions," it's like damn this isn't just a place to get a burger for $21, i'm also in the revenant


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Beyond humbled by this recognition. Revenant' alt='TheRevenant' /'>#TheRevenant  shows the beauty of nature. Help protect it

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Who you sending in to rescue the orchestra? You get one Denzel & one white person. Gimme Home Depot Denzel & Revenant.

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Embark on a quest through the gorgeous animated world of Ni No Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom for 66% off at PS Store:

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Rise up brave Revenant, your fight is not yet over... #CODEVEIN  CODE VEIN DLC 2 is available now! Experience a new stage, new gear, and face off against the Frozen Empress! Order your copy today:

Ruthless robotic assassin Revenant joins the Apex Legends lineup on Tuesday. More new Season 4 info:

Cheat death with Revenant's resurrection totem in Apex Legends. Season 4 – Assimilation is live now:

Hunt or be hunted when Revenant arrives in @PlayApex  Season 4 - Assimilation. Available February 4:

Revenant leaps into Apex Legends February 4. Learn more about the brutal new Legend and Season 4:

Revenant will seemingly replace Forge as Apex Legends Season 4's new Legend, after a promotional video showed Revenant assassinating Forge.