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The Bootlicker-Industrial Complex has completely missed the point of this reporting and its followup, like the revelation that an ultrarich candidate for Manhattan DA was able to pay no tax in many years where her family booked millions in revenue. 2/

The revelation that Dan Hodges makes wrong predictions has ripped the shroud from my eyes and revealed the TRUTH about the defective pundit class.

"Let me ask this: what have we learned from the National Football League? That Dublin and Kerry look better than the rest? Not exactly an earth-shattering revelation, is it?" writes Tomás Ó Sé

@danielricciardo 's latest revelation explains everything about his decision to leave Red Bull.

The new documentary on five autistic teens is a revelation offering unparalleled insight into the condition in a way that has never been captured before and should make everyone, even parents like me, rethink their view of autism. - Damian Wilson

Ostensibly, @ProPublica  is using the stolen IRS tax returns to show that the super rich aren’t paying their fair share.  It’s supposed to be a revelation that the richer you are, the more you can hire the fanciest & most clever accountants to take advantage of every tax break.

The revelation that pandemic-era cocktails to-go and temporarily licensed outdoor dining setups are suddenly illegal in Pennsylvania came as a shock to most restaurant and bar owners.

People are freaking out about this revelation from ‘Loki’ episode 2

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@DYANCASTILLEJO  Gilas big man Carl Tamayo, who's been a revelation for the PH team, suffered a Grade 1 ankle sprain. "Nothing serious, " says head coach Tab Baldwin | via @DYANCASTILLEJO 

@HeerJeet  it's also kind of a revelation to me that many pub intellectuals and writers today don't know the secret language when they hear it.


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I am enjoying the media's suggestion that Joe Biden's sudden interest in the covid lab leak theory is the result of new intelligence rather than the revelation that his administration shut down an investigation already in progress.

Most shocking revelation from trial thus far: Pence taken from chamber to protect his life at 2:13 pm. Trump sends tweet trashing Pence to millions, then calls Tuberville while Senate is under lockdown. He asks Tuberville for help to delay—or stop—calling the election.

A Back to the Future mind blowing revelation...

Clyburn said former President Bush told him, “you know, you’re the savior, because if you had not nominated Joe Biden, we would not be having this transfer of power today.” My latest on today’s inaugural revelation from @Clyburn  .

The drip, drip, drip of new evidence is going to keep coming out. With each new revelation, Senate Republicans will have to answer for their votes in this trial. They chose to turn their backs on the American people and stand for a cover-up.

LIVE on @FOX Nashville at 9pm: COVID-19 emails from Nashville mayor's office show disturbing revelation. WATCH NOW:

I notice an awkward silence from the media on the eyewitness revelation, recorded in the #EpsteinFiles , that Bill Clinton was seen on pedophile island with two underage girls. If that isn’t wrong, what can be right?

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This @TuckerCarlson  monologue is powerful & very much worth watching. It explains in detail the bombshell revelation—which the media is desperately trying to ignore—that Obama PERSONALLY directed the FBI to target his political opponent @realDonaldTrump 

How is it that — more than a month after this revelation — we still don’t know who the two OMB officials are who resigned over the president’s Ukraine military aid fiasco?