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Bloomberg has barbs at the ready for his first 2020 debate @langejason  / Reuters)

Britain won't heed EU rules to win free trade: PM aide (Reuters)

$HPQ $XRX Xerox courts HP shareholders as takeover battle heats up - Reuters

Modelling for sale of Brazil's Eletrobras to be completed in days, says official via Reuters#news  #reuters 

UPDATE 2-Medtronic revenue disappoints, coronavirus impact being assessed via Reuters#news  #reuters 

GLOBAL MARKETS-Apple virus warning shakes stocks, euro near three-year low via Reuters#news  #reuters 

UPDATE 2-Coronavirus dents bookings for Holiday Inn owner IHG via Reuters#news  #reuters 

CORRECTED-WRAPUP 6-China sees fall in coronavirus deaths but WHO urges caution via Reuters#news  #reuters 


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📌CORONAVIRUS UPDATE DEATHS CNChina 106 CONFIRMED CASES CN China 4515 US US 5 AU Australia 5 FR France 3 NP Nepal 1 JP Japan 4 SG Singapore 5 KR South Korea 4 TW Taiwan 5 TH Thailand 8 VN Vietnam 2 MY Malaysia 4 KH Cambodia 1 CA Canada 1 DE Germany 1 LK Sri Lanka 1 (Source: VOA/Reuters)

Most dangerous countries for women, 2018. 1. India 2. Afghanistan 3. Syria 4. Somalia 5. Saudi Arabia 6. Pakistan 7. DR Congo 8. Yemen 9. Nigeria 10. United States (Reuters'>Thomson Reuters)

Don’t let it go unnoticed that @realDonaldTrump ⁩ got this done with NO help from the GOP Senate who threatened to abandon him instead of stand strong as @POTUS  suspends tariffs on Mexico after deal on immigration reached - Reuters

A free press is critical to a free society—the detention of journalists anywhere is unacceptable. The Reuters journalists being held in Myanmar should be released immediately.

Reuters just announced that Secret Service never spoke to me or my campaign. Made up story by @CNN  is a hoax. Totally dishonest.

So Reuters had evidence in 2017 that Beto may have committed multiple felonies—which Beto confirmed on the record—but deliberately withheld the story for over a year to help him win his Senate race? But when he’s running against Bernie etc, NOW it’s news?

Hmm. Reuters didn’t want a “scoop” (their word) that Beto may have committed multiple felonies. Instead, they cut a “deal” to keep it secret for over a year until after the Senate election. Query: is there any universe in which they would have cut that deal for a Republican?

Again? 12/1: ABC: ". colluded-Russia" 12/2: ABC: "RETRACTED" 12/4: Reuters: "Mueller subpeona Trumps banking" 12/5: Reuters: "RETRACTED" 12/8: CNN: Wikileaks sent . secret email 12/8: RETRACTED Me: "MSM suffering severe Trump Derangement Syndrome"