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Swiss government signs agreement with Moderna for COVID-19 vaccine - Reuters

Angry and grieving protesters on Tuesday read aloud the names of at least 171 people killed in last week’s explosion at Beirut port and called for the removal of #Lebanon ’s president and other officials they blame for the tragedy. (Reuters)

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India has reported more confirmed new cases than any other country in the world for six consecutive days, including 62,000 on Monday, August 10. India’s total coronavirus deaths stand at 44,386, trailing the United States, Brazil, Mexico and Britain. (REUTERS)

Taiwan probes foreign banks over grain firms' arbitrage - Reuters by @ReutersTech  2020-08-12 02:44:00

This reuters story makes it clear that Lebanon's president, prime minister, judiciary, supreme defence council, the port authorities, customs &security officials all knew that ammonium nitrate was kept at #Beirut  port so close to the city centre. @akhbar 

NAACP launches drive to boost Black voter turnout in six key states @makinibrice  / Reuters)

Molecular Partners gets Swiss gov't payment for COVID candidate - Reuters

▶️ Zookeepers feed crocodiles in their enclosure at the Madras Crocodile Bank Trust and Center for Herpetology, Mahabalipuram, India, Monday, August 3. (REUTERS)

U.S. attempts to win more support with streamlined bid to extend Iran arms embargo @Reuters )

India inflation likely edged up in July on higher food prices: Reuters poll

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Where are lawmakers? Where is the SEC? Exclusive: Eastman Kodak top executive got Trump deal windfall on an 'understanding' - Reuters

Reuters just announced that Secret Service never spoke to me or my campaign. Made up story by @CNN  is a hoax. Totally dishonest.

The Kremlin has confirmed Pres Trump and Putin spoke today, per @Reuters 

Don’t let it go unnoticed that @realDonaldTrump ⁩ got this done with NO help from the GOP Senate who threatened to abandon him instead of stand strong as @POTUS  suspends tariffs on Mexico after deal on immigration reached - Reuters

A free press is critical to a free society—the detention of journalists anywhere is unacceptable. The Reuters journalists being held in Myanmar should be released immediately.

Hmm. Reuters didn’t want a “scoop” (their word) that Beto may have committed multiple felonies. Instead, they cut a “deal” to keep it secret for over a year until after the Senate election. Query: is there any universe in which they would have cut that deal for a Republican?

Friday: ABC: "Trump colluded with Russia" Saturday: ABC: "We made a mistake" Monday: Reuters: "Mueller looking into Trumps banking" Today: Reuters: "Well.. not so much Trump's" Me: "MSM suffering from a severe case of Trump Derangement Syndrome" .

Again? 12/1: ABC: ". colluded-Russia" 12/2: ABC: "RETRACTED" 12/4: Reuters: "Mueller subpeona Trumps banking" 12/5: Reuters: "RETRACTED" 12/8: CNN: Wikileaks sent . secret email 12/8: RETRACTED Me: "MSM suffering severe Trump Derangement Syndrome"