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Gutoc on holding Duterte gov't accountable in Pharmally controversy: We must affirm the co-equality of branches. As senator, we call out the executive. And the executive dapat ipinapakita mo rin na you're also respecting the three branches of gov't.

Today's non-competitive UN Human Rights Council vote: 18 candidates for 18 spots; 18 new members joining in January for 3 years. Unqualified incoming members include #UAE  #Eritrea  #Cameroon . respecting'>Rights-respecting HRC members have their work cut out! @hrw 

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No one is respecting the peril @daaaniwani  and I are in. There is an organ here that doesn’t appear to work. Um, exactly when do you think it will start playing on its own… 10:30? Midnight? Cause it’s happening. Also, I have two doors to my room and neither lock. I’m dead.

Delta Airlines CEO Ed Bastian ditches Biden’s divisive mandate: "We’re proving that you can work collaboratively with your people, trusting your people to make the right decisions, respecting their decisions and not forcing them over the loss of their jobs."

Respecting personal boundaries is important in all interactions. The pandemic has made that clearer than ever.

A spokesperson for FPS issued a competing statement. 'Interior Department leadership believes strongly in respecting and upholding the right to free speech and peaceful protest,' the spokesperson said.

What matters even more than simply understanding consent as an intellectual concept is living in a way that demonstrates a commitment to respecting the boundaries of yourself and others. This is how we change the culture. #StopAbuse  #StopRape  #TeachConsent 

Kenya's 2019 data protection legislation was supposed to offer a framework for the government to acquire citizens' data in a transparent and rights-respecting manner, but some say it lacks independent oversight.

So, podcasting while washed confession: mayyy have thought a certain pair of headphones had a mic built in for a year, which absolutely did not have a mic at all. I have now corrected this issue and will not be available for further comment. Thanks for respecting my HIPAA rights


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The Khel Ratna Award will hereby be called the Major Dhyan Chand Khel Ratna Award respecting the sentiments of citizens across the country: PM Modi

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I have been getting many requests from citizens across India to name the Khel Ratna Award after Major Dhyan Chand. I thank them for their views. Respecting their sentiment, the Khel Ratna Award will hereby be called the Major Dhyan Chand Khel Ratna Award! Jai Hind!

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If the NHS will to support it, I could roll out the German Corona-Warn-App (privacy respecting, official diagnosis rather than self-reporting as I understand it) in short time at zero cost to the taxpayers. If the government can't pull themselves together, we can. Please RT.

So you’re telling me the guy who was VP when we left Americans to die in Benghazi & lied about it, the guy who was VP when ISIS formed, the guy who oversaw the largest funding of a terror state in history (Iran Deal) - this guy is accusing Trump of not respecting our troops? Wow

People from all walks of life expressed their desire to donate to India’s war against COVID-19. Respecting that spirit, the Prime Minister’s Citizen Assistance and Relief in Emergency Situations Fund has been constituted. This will go a long way in creating a healthier India.

1. The Democrat establishment has rallied around Joe Biden, about whom there are legitimate and serious questions respecting his mental fitness to serve as president.  So now, with the aggressive help of the media, we’re being told and warned that we mustn’t raise this issue.

In a development that could challenge the Constitution's prohibition of any law "respecting the establishment of religion," the federal government will soon provide money directly to U.S. churches to help them pay pastor salaries and utility bills.

1.The media are truly clowns. When Jared Kushner said "our" respecting the fed stockpile of ventilators, he was talking about those that belong to the fed gov't for the purpose of addressing fed priorities, including perhaps the military, federal workforce, or assisting states.

ICYMI on @AmericaNewsroom  w @BillHemmer : The Senate will provide a fair #ImpeachmentTrial  by respecting due process & allowing for POTUS & House Democrats to each present their case.