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The radio host's glee in angering the left provided the stylistic underpinnings of the Trumpist Republican Party

My latest: inside the Republican war in Arizona, where the Trumpist past is shaping the future:

Did you see the Trump casino get blown up in AC today? Here's a great piece by @JillDLawrence  on how the Trumpist GOP also demolished their credibility on some of their favorite topics: Republican lectures Democrats never need to hear again via @USATODAY 

"You want a corporate buttoned-up GOP to raise that congressional money, but you want the Trumpist GOP to raise the sort of grassroots money. Those two really ... can't co-exist right now," @samstein  says of the Republican divide between Sen. McConnell and fmr. Pres. Trump.

Are you or do you know a Republican who has been taken in by Trumpist or Q lies? Alan Jacobs has assembled links to conservative sources debunking falsehoods

The Trumpist Republican who beat a cop with an American flag outside the Capital. Lock them all up.

And you can't impeach Trump if some Republican senators don't peel off. I want Americans. -- conservatives and liberals, Democrats and Republicans -- to unify around democracy and against Trumpist autocracy. It'll be a long fight & probably a losing one, but its what I believe

The Made-Up Conspiracy - A Republican bid to deny Biden's victory is another worrying Trumpist disinformation ploy (Jonathan Rauch / Persuasion)

“What happens when a Republican in Democratic clothing runs against a Trumpist in Republican garb?” asks editorial page editor @DebateState .

Everything happening now is designed to feed a powerful (false) stabbed-in-the-back myth and cripple Biden by holding the Senate and portraying him as an illegitimate president. It keeps the right-wing base angry, prepares for a Republican/Trumpist campaign in 2024.


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It’s brutal and bizarre what is going on and his republican/trumpist accomplices will be embarrassed for an eternity. Trump is heading for the ash heap of history.

Why all the far right-wing Trumpist Republican talking points about Covid-19 being "like the flu" and "restarting the economy" are wrong.

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Scaramucci to CNN's Richard Quest: “Well I stay as a Republican but I vote for Joe Biden.” Quest: “How can you say that?!” Scaramucci: “I’m a Republican for Joe Biden. Because the President is not a Republican…I’m not a Trumpist. I’m an old school Republican like Mitt Romney.."

Anthony @Scaramucci : "I'm a Republican for Joe Biden. Because the President's not a Republican… I’m not a Trumpist, I’m an old school Republican like Mitt Romney, old school Republican like George Herbert Walker Bush. I’m not a Trumpist."

Excellent @washingtonpost  article on how Republican messaging is aimed solely at firing up the Trumpist right. One error, though: it’s apparently aimed at intimidating the @nytimes  newsroom as well.

Elise Stefanik was a moderate Republican widely respected by Dems. During closed-door impeachment testimony, she stayed quiet, asking a total of five questions & registering no process objections. Then public phase began & a Trumpist star was born.

Something that struck me about Kavanaugh’s testimony was the way some Republican Senators were moved almost to tears—after almost two years of defending Trumpist cruelty against the vulnerable.

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