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“What is the Republican Party? What is the moral center of it, if both the elected leaders that are Republicans and the conservative echo chamber...if it’s all about misinformation and nothing but the naked pursuit of power, what's left?" Alex Wagner says.

Meghan McCain lamented the Republican Party’s messaging on Thursday’s The View — slamming her party for doing a “piss-poor job” highlighting conservative values.

I sat down with @DrewHolden360  -- the conservative writer and former assistant to Rep. Paul Gosar. I asked Holden about the press's treatment of Biden & Trump, those crazy attacks ads against his former boss and where the Republican party goes next!

A group of conservative Maine Republicans has broken from the state Republican Party to form a new grassroots caucus.

Opinion | @HayesBrown : Since 2012, Mitt Romney's reputation among Democrats has gone from the plutocratic embodiment of everything that's wrong with the GOP to the Republican Party's moral center, the one conservative willing to do what's right.

The episode reveals what has become an increasingly tense relationship between the Republican Party's socially conservative base and broader business interests, with politicians like South Dakota Gov. Noem sometimes caught in between.

"While power in the Republican Party has shifted almost completely away from the conservative establishment," @paulkrugman  writes, "the party is still committed to an economic ideology of tax and spending cuts. And it’s not obvious why."

The developer of the conservative social network Parler is alleging he was defamed and improperly ousted by a prominent Republican Party benefactor, two men who replaced him and a political commentator known for his support for former President Trump.

The developer of the conservative social network Parler is alleging he was defamed and improperly ousted by a prominent Republican Party benefactor.

The developer of the conservative social network Parler is alleging he was defamed and improperly ousted by a prominent Republican Party benefactor and others.


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Toomey said on KDKA-AM radio on Thursday that the party can’t look the other way when a president “tries terrible and illegal and unconstitutional means of staying in power.” “That’s not acceptable, that’s not conservative, that’s not Republican

The Republican Party has a fundamental choice to make. It can be a conservative party that believes in democracy and the rule of law or it can be an authoritarian party that’s built on conspiracy theories, violence and the Big Lie. But it cannot be both.

As a Muslim, may I take this opportunity to ask each and every Trump supporter, Republican, and conservative in America to condemn the violence and chaos perpetrated today in their president/party/movement's name. #JustAsking  #welcometoourworld 

We’re probably about 3 months or so away from the entire Republican Party, the conservative movement, the business press and many commentators becoming *obsessed* with deficits, inflation and tightening monetary policy.

@RadioFreeTom : "The only decent, sensible, and conservative position is to vote against this Republican Party at every level, and bring the sad final days of a once-great political institution to an end." Read the whole piece here:

Joe Walsh calls the GOP a "cult": "(Trump's) a threat to this country. He can't be stopped within the Republican party. ... The conservative media world, Fox News and all the rest wouldn't give me the time of day. ... They bow down in front of their king"

Dr. Kelli Ward, the far-right chairwoman of the Arizona Republican Party, further emboldened conservative protesters who are demanding that governors reopen states by telling them to dress as health-care workers to trick the media

“[I’m] conservative more than Republican. There is no Republican Party anymore – it’s dead. Donald Trump killed it. He’s like a parasite that ate its host from the inside out.” - @TheRickWilson  Full interview:

Yasser Sanchez is a good man and a committed Conservative. That he no longer feels he has a place in the Republican Party should be a wakeup call for every Republican.

President Obama on today's Republican Party: 'That's not what [Abraham Lincoln] had in's not conservative, it sure isn't normal. It's radical.'