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The Republican Jewish Coalition declared that the defeat of Eliot Engel marked the rise of anti-Israel forces within the Democratic Party.

In Georgia's 9th District, the influential Republican Jewish Coalition won't back state Rep Matt Gurtler after it was revealed he posed for photos with a former neo-Nazi leader. In Tuesday's #GA09  primary Gurtler advanced to an Aug. 11th runoff

Former Bush WH spox, Fox contributor, board member of Republican Jewish Coalition, founded by major GOP donor Sheldon Adelson

And we thought the FART was bad: Rep. Eric Swalwell’s nasty response to Republican Jewish Coalition asking him to apologize for calling Richard Grenell a Nazi is a DOOZY

Eric Swalwell makes an A*S of himself snarking at Republican Jewish Coalition for calling on him to apologize for comparing Richard Grenell to Goebbels

The Republican Jewish Coalition called on @Rep Swalwell to apologize for comparing Richard Grenell, the former U.S. ambassador to Germany, to Nazi propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels. Swalwell has refused to do so.

“Steve King does not represent the Republican Party, and it’s time for him to leave Congress,” said Matt Brooks of the Republican Jewish Coalition.

Republican Jewish Coalition will support primary challenger to Rep. Steve King of Iowa

Republican Jewish Coalition will support primary challenger to Rep. Steve King of Iowa


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President Trump speaks to the Republican Jewish Coalition: "And a special thanks to Rep. Omar of Minnesota. Oh, oh -- oh, I forgot. She doesn't like Israel, I forgot. I'm so sorry. Oh. No she doesn't like Israel, does she?"

A Trump supporter was just charged with making explicit threats against the life of . That fact did not stop the president from using her as fodder for ridicule in his Republican Jewish Coalition speech in Las Vegas today.

Republican Jewish Coalition Calls On Democrats To Resign Over Farrakhan Ties

Republican Jewish Coalition breaks with Trump on Charlottesville, asks for "greater moral clarity"

The Republican Jewish Coalition board members gave $16.5M to Romney in 2012. Thru May, they gave $5,400 to Trump.