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People in Hong Kong lined up to buy the last issue of the biggest pro-democracy newspaper, which was forced to close after police raids. Supporters stood outside Apple Daily as the last issue was made. A photographer said: “It doesn’t look good for the future of Hong Kong news.”

Timelapse video shows hundreds of people lined up to buy the last edition of pro-democracy newspaper Apple Daily in Hong Kong after the publication announced its closure after 25 years. The announcement came after police raided Apple Daily’s offices.

Elizabeth Neptune@LizNeptune  ending today's session with an important message. #WholeFamilyJobs 

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🍎 Apple Daily, Hong Kong's last pro-democracy paper will be on the newsstands for the last time on Thursday after it was forced to close amid a crackdown on free speech

Chief of US Border Patrol out, Rodney Scott was Trump supporter, Pres. Biden's team is replacing him ; VP Kamala Harris going to border Friday - Trump going with Texas Gov. next Wednesday as Biden team struggles with 20 year high in migrant crossings. @CBCNews 

Gensler says alternative to LIBOR poses risk of manipulation: SEC Chair Gary Gensler warned of risks in replacing LIBOR with the Bloomberg Short Term BankYield Index. ^ > @CFODive  #CFO  #Finance  #Business 

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Mike Preston: A lot of the young players don’t have to perform at a Pro Bowl level, but they need to be consistent enough to make an impact and not become a weakness.

Consistently for the people & pro-democracy” @BBCNews  That’s why Xi Jinping hates a free media so much his monstrous regime has so much to cover up & a free press would tell his people the truth.


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If you make it a crime to give voters water as they wait in line, you're not pro-democracy.

Georgia Lt. Governor @GeoffDuncanGA  is a RINO Never Trumper who got himself elected as LG by falsely claiming to be “pro-Trump”. Too dumb or corrupt to recognize massive evidence of fraud in GA & should be replaced! We need every great Georgian to call him out! #SpecialSession !

“Pro-Biden effort offered Native Americans $25-$500 Visa gift cards and jewelry to vote”

Sorry Liz, can’t accept the results of an election with hundreds of thousands of fraudulent votes cast, enough to easily flip the Election. You’re just unhappy that I’m bringing the troops back home where they belong!

Data: Trump‘s Anti-Globalism, Pro-Police Message Wins Over Hispanics via Great, but we also wo @BreitbartNews  the election!

an absolute sweetheart a consummate pro a genuine friend a shocking and painful loss. Berta, your housekeeping was a tad suspect, your "people"keeping was perfect. ?©️?

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Sebastian Steudtner — a German pro surfer — rode a wave over 115 feet tall at Nazare, Portugal. I’m not this tough. Or brave. Or talented...

Earlier today, I spoke with Postmaster General DeJoy regarding his alleged pause in operational changes. During our conversation, he admitted he has no intention of replacing the sorting machines, blue mailboxes and other infrastructure that have been removed.

Lawyers offering pro bono services for arrested protestors. Minneapolis, Houston, New York, Atlanta, Los Angeles. I know there are far more doing the same thing in other cities please add them to this thread