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Sen. Joni Ernst voiced support today for Gov. Kim Reynolds' executive order restoring felon voting rights but didn't directly address Rep. Steve King's tweet that the order would cost Ernst 15,000 votes in November. #iasen 

Republicans had just felt relief after they finally ousted Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa), a member with a long history of racially charged remarks. Now, GOP lawmakers fear Greene could create an even bigger black eye for the party if she wins the nomination

In the battle for the House, Dems’ majority has been bolstered by recent change in the political environment and continued fundraising. A few races moved toward Republicans as a result of primary elections — including Rep. Steve King’s Northwest Iowa seat.

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Rep. Steve Cohen: "The reason we cut ourselves off from King George was we wanted to be a nation of a rule of laws and not a nation of a rule of man."

Twitter seems to have confused Rep. Steve King with author Stephen King. It is not alone:

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ICYMI: Iowa's three Democratic representatives voted for the police reform bill that passed the House last night. Republican Rep. Steve King did not cast a vote. via @IowaCapDispatch 

Rep. Steve King has a Juneteenth column: "... it is a day that all freedom loving people in the United States should celebrate. And it is a day that I successfully worked to gain recognition for in Iowa as far back as 2002."

In last week's primary for Iowa's 4th District, longtime Rep. Steve King (R) lost his seat. The defeat was the culmination of a concerted effort by GOP activists & political spenders who felt King's controversies had impacted his effectiveness. #ia04 

I'm still reflecting on the fact that Rep. Steve King lost last week. That is all.

It took a broad effort by Iowa’s political elite, Washington leaders, GOP donors and the White House to defeat longtime Rep. Steve King in the Iowa primary


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Breaking News: In a major defeat, Rep. Steve King of Iowa lost his Republican primary for a 10th term. He has long made racist comments and was disciplined in 2019.

BREAKING: Iowa Rep. Steve King loses Republican primary to Randy Feenstra after the party shuns King following white nationalist remarks.

In some potential good news, it looks like Rep. Steve King, whose overt racism, backwards bigotry and self-righteous ignorance has been a cancer on this country for 17 years, is about to lose his primary. 🤞🏻

JUST IN: Republican Rep. Steve King has lost his seat in Congress following the Iowa primary, ending a career long defined by his racism

Rep. Steve King: "No man will ever qualify for the Supreme Court" if being accused of sexual assault is "new standard" ?

NEW: Leaked Identity Evropa chats reveal that white nationalists have actively worked phones in support of Rep. Steve King, and donated to his reelection campaign, as part of ongoing efforts to keep a white supremacist in power

Rep. Rashida Tlaib cursing got 5 times more coverage on cable news than Rep. Steve King embracing white supremacy

Many Republicans are distancing themselves from the bigotry of Rep. Steve King. But this bile's been out there for years and echoed by many others. So, profiles in courage? Or politicians reacting to the majority of voters who find these views antithetical to the American ideal?

President Trump, who follows the news more closely than most Americans, told reporters this morning he was not familiar with Rep. Steve King's white supremacist comments.

There is a growing call for Rep. Steve King to be expelled from Congress.