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French parliament approves law requiring restaurant Covid pass, vaccine rules

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Mining companies will be forced to show plans for the ongoing rehabilitation of their mines and to report on their progress as the NSW government moves to tighten rules around environmental management

@Dominic2306  @pensionmonkeyr  @gdcmarketingea  @DavidGaukelly . So abiding by international law means nothing to you. Tell me, what effect do you think flagrantly violating MFN rules and daring third countries to take action at the WTO would do to the UK's international reputation?

Multiple reliable reports today that the Pelicans have talked with Memphis about trading the 10th pick and Eric Bledsoe for the 17th pick. Can’t help but wonder if the Knicks have/would consider offering the Pels the 19th pick, or maybe a package of the 21st and 32nd picks?

Given the prime minister’s disdain for parliament, is it any wonder Dawn Butler broke rules to call him a ‘liar’?

$TWTR was trading higher after earnings, but not like $SNAP. Can the stock play catch-up?

Investors have been learning that even commission-free trading comes with costs. Will people be fooled again when it comes to crypto?

South Korea Stock Market Tipped To Extend Winning Streak: The South Korea stock market has finished higher in back-to-back trading days, collecting almost 40 points or 1.2 percent along the way. The KOSPI now rests just above the 3,250-point… RTT

WATCH: @kochie_online  asks NSW Premier@GladysB  if she feels "betrayed" and "let down" by Sydneysiders who aren't following lockdown rules.

When you hit 5,001 followings, Twitter rules kick in, and most likely, you'll be unable to follow until your unique F/F Ratio improves. You can start by unfollowing accounts that didn't follow back. If you're serious about building a Twitter platform. x


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Spoke with North American Bitcoin miners. They committed to publish current & planned renewable usage & to ask miners WW to do so. Potentially promising.

Tesla is restarting production today against Alameda County rules. I will be on the line with everyone else. If anyone is arrested, I ask that it only be me.

The one. The only. Xbox Series X Fridge giveaway. Follow and retweet with #XSXFridgeSweeps  for a chance to win the Xbox Series X Fridge. Ends 11/04/20. Rules:

I wrote out some thoughts on how to make this moment a real turning point to bring about real change––and pulled together some resources to help young activists sustain the momentum by channeling their energy into concrete action.

Future violations of the Twitter Rules, including our Civic Integrity or Violent Threats policies, will result in permanent suspension of the @realDonaldTrump  account.

“This is what we know. We have to go back to the state level and how this morass came to be in the first instance. The Governor, Wolf, and the State Supreme Court, flagrantly violated the Constitution of the U.S. The power to set these rules and regulations is vested in the

And KEEP THIS SAME ENERGY WHEN YOU VOTE. The worst thing that could happen is this all happening for nothing.

You Matter. Unless you multiply yourself by the speed of light squared. Then you Energy.