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A group of owners at Trump Palace has met to discuss removing the former president’s name from the hulking condominium tower on the Upper East Side

Everyone terribly upset about Biden removing the Churchill bust from the Oval Office and lamenting the loss of Trump, a question: What did Trump *actually* do that was helpful for the UK during his presidency?

Best part. The guys who didn't ever want to stand up to Trump want Cheney gone -- but they're afraid to stand up to her, too. "At least 107 Republicans.. have communicated to the leaders of that effort that they would support removing Cheney from leadership on a secret ballot."

Removing Trump from Twitter was the easy part. What do you do with those repeating his lies? "There needs to be a positive, constructive counterbalance to all of the misinformation and conspiracy theories," argues @CaseyNewton .

COMMENTARY: O’Toole clearly feels vulnerable to Liberal attacks accusing him of being “Trump North” and he hopes to blunt these assaults by removing Sloan, says Mike Smyth.

Removing Trump from pop culture would only serve to reinforce white supremacy.

BREAKING NEWS: New York City trucks and backhoes removing barricades around and near Trump Tower, and reopening 56th Street between Fifth and Madison Avenues, as New York says 'goodbye and good riddance' to its disgraced former resident president. #BuhBye 

Even as former President Trump leaves office, his bans on social media platforms will remain, with Twitchremoving Trump’s account and suspending him from the video streaming service indefinitely by @rachsandl 

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Hours after the inauguration in 2017 the Trump White House began removing "climate change" from federal websites. Donald Trump tried to defund NASA environmental satellites but even a Republican Congress wouldn't let him. #Space 

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2 reasons for impeaching and removing Trump today: 1. Accountability. No president who incites an insurrection against the United States can remain in office. 2. Safety. Having done what he did yesterday, there's no limit to what he might try in the next 13 days.

Breaking News: "The case was made." Mitt Romney will vote to convict President Trump of abuse of power, the first Republican to support removing him from office in the impeachment trial.

Trump is removing the US from the World Health Organization. He did this on Paris climate agreement, Iran nuclear deal, TransPacificPartnership, NAFTA, open skies treaty & is threatening to w/draw from WTO. Pulling US from WHO during pandemic is a would-be dictator on the move!

Donald Trump wanted Russian help to build a lucrative Trump Tower in Moscow. His campaign wanted Russian help in the form of stolen emails and dirt on Hilary Clinton. And the Russians wanted Trump’s help in removing sanctions. The convergence of interests is hard to ignore.

The ban on fentanyl expires in eight days. The Senate has already acted—unanimously! Why have House Democrats dragged their feet? They are more focused on removing President Trump from office than they are on removing fentanyl from our communities.

President Trump is exacting his retribution, removing those who complied with subpoenas, came forward, and testified about his misconduct. These are the actions of a man who believes he is above the law — Precisely the kind of conduct Congressional Republicans enabled.

Think of the contrast. ↴ While Democrats are trying to remove President Trump from office, the President is focused on removing terrorists from the face of the earth.

Is the mainstream media seriously trying to convince America that removing President Trump from office would NOT be undoing the will of the people because VP Pence would then become president? Last I checked, @realDonaldTrump  was duly elected as President of the United States.

By removing the signature of the United States from the Arms Trade Treaty, Trump joins the ranks of Russia, North Korea & Syria and again retreats from US leadership on an issue of national security and human rights - this time to placate the greed and self-interest of the .

In 1980 Trump demolished two historic sculptures bc removing them intact would have delayed construction of Trump Tower by a week and a half