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Remarkable that Fox News has sidestepped accountability for its role in advancing the Big Lie, as @davidfolkenflik  and @TomDreisbach  point out. Others, including @brianstelter  @oliverdarcy  @Sulliview , have pushed on this topic.

The tone shift on Fox News over the last few hours has been pretty remarkable.

"... against it, the network has started airing a remarkable news package debunking claims its hosts... have propagated. The package aired for the first time Friday night on Lou Dobbs' show. Fox said the same package would air Saturday night on Jeanine Pirro's program...." (2/3)

Really remarkable to see Eric Shawn, who has pumped up voter fraud issues for more than a decade on Fox News, take down Trump’s baseless voter fraud claims here:

It’s remarkable watching Fox News slowly and deliberately • debunk any claims of rigging • describe the fairness of the process in Pennsylvania and • fact check the president This is the tone when their news reporters are on air, not the opinion entertainers.

In the remarkable image, the sun bears a striking resemblance to a jack-o'-lantern. In an email to Fox News, NASA compared the solar image to a "giant floating space pumpkin."

Remarkable that we're hearing about Trumpism/white nationalist paramilitaries being driven by economic privation while the biggest hotbed of both appear to be CNBC and Fox Business News.

Fox News anchor Chris Wallace criticized President Donald Trump’s family for refusing to wear masks during the first 2020 presidential debate, calling it “a remarkable disregard for the safety of others.”

Fox News anchor Chris Wallace, who moderated the first presidential debate, says the Trump family "showed a remarkable disregard for the risk of the virus and for the safety of other people in the hall."

Seeing all of the Trump disinfo attempts aided by Fox News ahead of tonight's debate, it's remarkable how little political media has learned from 2016. And by how little, it appears they've learned absolutely nothing.


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Every day I have to marvel at what the billionaires and FOX News pulled off. They got working whites to hate the very people that want them to have more pay, clean air, water, free healthcare and the power to fight back against big banks & big corps. It’s truly remarkable.

Fox News is all in with Trump's propaganda campaign to make coronavirus disappear. A remarkable roundup of nonstop Fox depravity from @MattGertz :

In tweets that started minutes after a Fox News report on the protests, Trump's words were a remarkable example of a president helping to stoke an angry fervor that in its anti-government rhetoric was reminiscent of the birth of the Tea Party movement

Trump’s campaign rally disguised as a coronavirus task force briefing took a remarkable turn when he was stunned by a tough question from Fox News.

Three premium polls out today and it's remarkable how consistent they are on impeachment AND removal. Yes/No NBC/WSJ 49%-46%, Fox News 49%-45%, ABC/WaPo 49%-47% via @TPM 

This clip is getting a lot of shares because it is remarkable evidence for what Fox News really is. Don't @ me with "But Chris Wallace..."

Sheer hatred: Last year I tweeted 'The sheer hatred the Washington Post's media critic feels for Roger Ailes is remarkable.' After new 'plague' column, would say same thing about her view of Fox News as a whole.

It's remarkable how similar the messages coming from Russian state media are to the messages coming from Trump's twitter feed and from our own state media (Fox News) right now: