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@sfrantzman  .: "Turkey’s regime of Recep Tayyip Erdogan uses a new international crisis every week to distract from economic failures at home and to keep the public motivated through nationalist and religious action. "

18,000 pupils, more than a thousands students in Buryatia are back to online learning after a spike of #Covid19 . Mask regime is on in the republic since 18 September, mass and religious events are canceled #Covid19RussiaRussia 

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The Iranian regime systematically harasses, arrests and executes members of religious minorities. The United States goverment has sanctioned Iranian officials responsible for this oppression to deter their religous persecution.

Which is why more people on the left need to understand where folks like @j_arthur_bloom  @SohrabAhmari  & @avermeule  are coming from. They have legitimate critiques about our "liberal " regime becoming more intolerant toward traditional religious practice. It's a bad trendline

The UK is working to protect freedom of religion or belief around the world. The new Global Human Rights sanctions regime will sanction those involved in religious persecution. 📰

@janearraf  I am interested in Jordanian regime #antiShia  policies. Jordan has large Shia Arab population both Jordanians & Iraqis but none is allowed to hild religious gathering or express their faith & or culture. @USCIRF  should act ASAP

@mikenavallo  Guevarra: However, some local govt officials have expressed concern that increasing the number of participants in religious gatherings may spark an upsurge in #COVID19  infections and derail their advancement to more relaxed MGCQ regime. Hence, the need for dialogue.

@liannami  Guevarra said LGUs and religious sectors will meet Monday to resolve LGU concerns re: increasing the number of participants in religious gatherings, as this may "spark an upsurge in COVID-19 infections and derail their advancement to a more relaxed MGCQ regime. " | via @liannami 

I don't do The Thread any more but the Cummings regime appears to be rapidly uniting traditional religious leaders, clandestine elements of the civil service, and other civic elements in revolt. Might want to ready the escape limo.

The Sissi regime has been held by some in the US as a paragon of religious reform. This is so silly that I feel sheepish about even "responding" to it. As Hamzawy writes: "The regime frames obedience to the ruling generals and the approval of their policies as a religious duty"


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Most of my father’s family was brutally murdered at the hands of Hitler’s white supremacist regime—a regime which came to power on a wave of violence and hatred against racial and religious minorities. We cannot allow that cancer to grow here.

The Report of Iran capturing CIA spies is totally false. Zero truth. Just more lies and propaganda (like their shot down drone) put out by a Religious Regime that is Badly Failing and has no idea what to do. Their Economy is dead, and will get much worse. Iran is a total mess!

#Modi ’s radica #Hindutva  regime has led t #BJP  & #RSS  goons destroying Muslim homes. Children have become orphans. Hospitals have become morgues fro #Delhi  t #Kashmir  #Modi Madness Madness has stirred a deadly cocktail grounded in religious divides.

Producer Peter Breslow and I were among first western journos to see Bamiyan after Taliban destroyed the venerated Buddhas. US called the destruction of such a sacred cultural & religious site a war crime that typified the cruelty of a diabolical regime.

As I said before, the #CitizenshipAmendmentBill  is paving the way for ruthlessness & lawlessness. #Modi  & #BJP ’s terrifying #Hindutva  regime is a recipe for religious violence & division.

.'s Brian Hook at : The #irfministerialian '>Ira #IRFMinisterialian  regime has institutionalized a campaign of harassment and incarceration against religious , those w #Irano  dare to exercise their fundamental right to suffer t #ReligiousFreedomrribly .

“We ask all nations to isolate Iran's regime as long as its aggression continues, and we ask all nations to support Iran's people as they struggle to reclaim their religious and righteous destiny.” -

According to Pew, 94.9% of Egyptians are Muslim, 5.1% Christian. Not much room for others, then! So why is Egypt so terrified of atheists? Any religious regime that criminalises atheism must be deeply insecure. With good reason, I’m happy to say.

Israeli state & regime in Burma are two peas in a pod. Both are fuelled by the idea of ethno-religious supremacy in their ethnic cleansing.