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One of the people murdered was a sacristan: “He fed the refugees, he had a good heart.” Another was a Brazilian migrant: “a caregiver for the elderly.” The juxtaposition of genuine religious witness & fanatical cruelty couldn’t be starker.

Immigration Minister Marco Mendicino will unveil a three-year immigration plan today that will set targets for bringing skilled workers, family members and refugees into Canada in the midst of a global pandemic.

Refugees are people who've faced unimaginable obstacles to flee violence. When refugees come to the United States, they seize every opportunity to thrive and give back to the communities that welcome them. RT if you stand to make #RefugeesWelcome !

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UN urges UK to restart resettlement of refugees after family drowns in Channel

UN urges UK to restart resettlement of refugees after family drowns in Channel

Nearly half of all refugees are children. 👧🏾👶🏻🧑🏽🧒🏻👶🏼👩🏾👧🏻👦🏿👩🏾‍🦱👩🏼‍🦰👶🏾🧑🏿👦🏽👧🏿🧑🏾👱🏼‍♀️👦🏾👧🏽

NGO condemns evacuation of refugees from Lesvos’ PIKPA camp

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#NewsAlert – Emmanuel Macron spoke about the extremism in Islam. People should understand that it was the French Govt that opened its doors to the refugees of the Syrian Civil War, which is Erdogan’s doing: Political Analyst, Shantanu Gupta@shantanug_ ) tells @AnchorAnandN 

With Sudan normalization, what would happen to Darfurirefugees in Israel? | Analysis@VeredLee1 


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My Administration has suspended the entry of refugees from terror-compromised nations such as Syria, Somalia and Yemen. Biden’s plan surges refugees 700% into Minnesota, Michigan & Pennsylvania—burdening schools & hospitals while opening the floodgates to Radical Islamic Terror.

Providing a new start to those who‘ve fled their homes represents the best of Britain's values. As we know refugees have always helped to keep our communities safe and make our society stronger. They even brought us fish & chips. Im standing with @IRCuk  to #StandWithRefugees 

Tonight people in Beirut are going to sleep in shattered homes, during a deadly pandemic, with a collapsing economy led by corrupt politicians, surrounded by countries that have attacked & threatened them and a world that has abandoned them and their refugees. They deserve better

These murderers aren't refugees. Nor are they real Muslims. They're terrorists who've hijacked a religion for nefarious gain. #paris 

Trump Administration report shows refugees added $63 billion to US economy over the past decade. Trump White House then killed the report they ordered and demanded it be manipulated to only show costs and not profits.

To the dude who said I don't belong in America, I started a fundraising page for refugees'>Syrian Refugees in your name.

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Somali refugees arresed in Tucson on way to Egypt. They were in touch with an agent posing as a terrorist. One of them stated, “The best wake up call is Islamic State to get victory or another 9/11.” Get smart people! #MAGA  #KAG  @foxandfriends 

The Guardian today has printed in their newspaper a list of 34,361 refugees who are known to have died trying to make it to Europe.

Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis: "I've never seen refugees as traumatized as coming out of Syria. It’s got to end." Number of Syrian refugees admitted to the United States: 2016: 15,479 2017: 3,024 2018: 11

We are a country of immigrants & refugees, of people fleeing religious persecution & seeking freedom, a country made strong by diversity.