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President-elect Joe Biden has pledged to reassert America's commitment to refugees by raising the refugee admissions goal to 125,000, after the Trump Administration slashed the resettlement program. Learn what this change could mean for refugees in @NPR :

The U.N. refugee chief says reports of refugees being abducted during Ethiopia's deadly conflict, if confirmed, "would be major violations of international norms." He urges Ethiopia's prime minister to address it urgently.

RefugeeNights@I_W_M  is one of the most ambitious offerings by British museums in lockdown

"Before I couldn't go very far, I didn't see many people. "Now I can go to the market, church and see my neighbors. I also want to go back to school." Suria lives in a refugee camp in South Sudan. A wheelchair has made the world accessible to her.

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"I'm afraid of these people who killed us with knives, machetes, and axes." This Tigrayan family fled their home in northern Ethiopia after a massacre. Now they are among thousands seeking refugee on the Sudanese border.

“We don’t come here for fun … Some took refuge in Pakistan, some in Iran, some here, some there. They are helpless; the situation in Afghanistan is not fine.” - Nek Muhammad, Afghan refugee in Turkey

On Sept 8, a fire blazed through Moria camp in Lesvos, Greece, devastating 12,000 refugees—including Rahima, a refugee from Afghanistan, & her family. Forced to uproot her life once again, Rahima is now helping the IRC protect people from COVID-19 in a new camp. Her story:

Hotline helps #Ethiopians  separated by conflict stay in touch A shack covered by plastic in #Sudan 's Hamdayitrefugee centre has become a source of smiles, sighs and tears for Ethiopian refugees, thanks to a hotline set up to trace relatives.

#Sudan needs $150 million in aid to cope with #Ethiopian  refugees crossing its border from #Tigray , the UN refugee agency chief said


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Joe Biden would increase refugees from terrorist nations by 700%. His plan would overwhelm your communities and turn Michigan, Minnesota, Wisconsin and the entire Midwest into a refugee camp. I am protecting your families and keeping Radical Islamic Terrorists OUT of our Country!

At Trump rally in Phoenix area, I was told by a supporter of the president to “get the hell out of our country.” Tell that to my grandfather who is buried at Arlington and my dad who fled to the US as a refugee from Cuba.

Google cofounder Sergey Brin at SFO protest: "I'm here because I'm a refugee." (Photo from Matt Kang/Forbes)

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Ilhan Omar was born in Mogadishu, spent part of her childhood in a refugee camp. She and her family were accepted by the United States and in one generation she has become a congresswoman. Why is she so angry at America. Gratitude might have been better than rage as a response.

ISIS is taking credit for the terrible stabbing attack at Ohio State University by a Somali refugee who should not have been in our country.

A person's dignity does not depend on them being a citizen, a migrant, or a refugee. Saving the life of someone fleeing war and poverty is an act of humanity. #WithRefugees 

If u can support a fertilized egg can't you also support the life of a living, breathing woman, gay person, Muslim, immigrant or refugee?

Dropping bombs on a country but voting against allowing refugee children fleeing the conflict to come here. That’s got to be worse than running through a wheat field.

Getting a bit of a spanking today, but things could be worse: Imagine, just for a second, being a refugee having to flee from your home.