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Heading to San Francisco today, for a bit of work. Looking forward to the start a new chapter... #redpill  #warmweather  #cantwait 

Also congratulations @lessig  on your new redpill/right-wing fanbase. I’m sure that won’t backfire or anything.

Crazie Bernie’s ideas are so bad he actually managed to #redpill  Cher.

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still mindblowing to me that deuce bigalow went full redpill

i hope it’s a culture war movie and they call it Matrix: Redpill

Redpill VR and Sensorium will bring music experiences to social VR

Redpill VR and Sensorium will bring music experiences to social VR by @deantak 

my current understanding of Facebook is that it's the place everyone goes out of necessity for news from the handful of groups they follow, and a handful of mostly boomers go to redpill themselves into believing utter nonsense

I am very excited about the new podcast series we are producing now. Last week was , episode 4, this week is Cassie Jaye (redPill). Getting caught up on YouTube with Tim Ballard | The Glenn Beck Podcast Ep. 1 via

Does it also include INFOWARS and REDPILL?


Most relevant

Me to our segment producer while walking through our QAnon segment tonight: "Just don't redpill yourself while writing this, OK?"

It's also advice that's all over the PUA world & the red-pill forums and I can definitely see how it's positive guidance—comforting, inspiring—but it's also just basic advice for being a grownup. It's just repackaged with Jung and leather, like some musky cologne.

Kanye West On Red-Pill Rampage - Now Tweeting Scott Adams As Left Flips Wig

Amazed the President didn't start ranting about doing his part to red-pill the nation. Came close!

Jack Ma: The US wasted $14 Trillion on wars over past 30 years, instead of investing in its people. #redpill 

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