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How's #Harvest2020  going? Don't forget to capture the moment ... You could win cold hard cash for your efforts! Click here for more info ---> Pictured is last year's 2nd prize -- Jim Larson with Red Wing Grain in Minnesota #fgphotocontest 

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From Grand Portage to Red Wing, these newlyweds made the most of their Minnesota honeymoon. #sunrisers 

Most climate action plans span 20 or 30 years. Earlier this summer, Red Wing, Minn., adopted a five-year plan for reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Red Wing’s five-year climate plan offers less daunting action items and more political accountability, its creators say.

A poacher-wounded Red Book saker falcon that was given a new manmade wing is released into the wild in Russia’s Irkutsk Region


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It’s #NationalMeatballDay  — did you know our insignia is nicknamed “the meatball”? 🔵 The round shape represents a planet. ✨ The stars represent space. ✈️ The red v-shape wing represents aeronautics. 💫 The circular orbit represents space travel. More:

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First game as a Red Wing. First star of the game. ??⭐️

It also obvious that with this Biden attack, @realDonaldTrump  is trying to launch and give life to another conspiracy theory, like Birtherism, Uranium One and other phony memes that jave always been a go-to in his political toolbox and reliable red meat for right-wing media.

Zetterberg's career ends due to degenerative back condition. #RedWings  GM Holland calls captain 'one of the greatest Red Wing players in our history':

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Bill Maher attacks red state voters as dumb, poor and jealous of blue-staters. This will be just fine with his extreme left-wing fans who support all diversity except that which is ideological.

Sergei Fedorov became the first Red Wing to score 5 goals in a single game on this day in 1996! #LGRW 

If the Democrat takeaway is "Let's run resolutely left-wing Senate candidates everywhere, even in red states" rather than "It sure is lucky when your opponent turns out to be a child molester," they are reading too much into this.

If you want Rebels to come to a premiere, you've got to sort out the X-wing parking. Go around last night's #RogueOne  red carpet event.

If Hillary Clinton is going to cite 1990s she needs to drop tax increasing,red tape increasing left wing policies.She is opposite of 90s.

Does the seven years ban on Red Sari fiction book meet the Left wing concept of fundamental right to free expression?