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President Trump has gone in the past several weeks from racist dog whistles to an all-out Confederate bugle call with a rebel yell — and yet his Republican enablers in Congress continue determinedly to cover their ears. New column:

1600: Trump plays super-spreader for symbols deemed racist; When Don goes tribal; What he's driving at; Graham sides with NASCAR; Another rebel yell?; No-plan-demic; Live and let 'em die; There's something about Mary's book. via @Newsday  @Bill_Goldschlag 

Johnny Weissmuller claimed his 'Tarzan yell' once saved his life. On a golfing tour to Cuba in 1959 he was caught at a checkpoint by rebel troops. They only released him after the yell proved he really had played Tarzan.

With a rebel yell, New York revs up its war on idling vehicles

With a rebel yell, he cried move. your. car.

#ICYMI: Give DEP a 'Rebel Yell' if you spot illegally idling drivers, get a reward: de Blasio

"Billy Never Idles": With a Rebel Yell, New York Revs Up Its War on Idling Vehicles to Cut Pollution

With a rebel yell, New York revs up its war on idling vehicles


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Walking into the weekend with as much confidence as @BillyIdol  performing "Rebel Yell" on @1stwave .

Hear their rebel yell. #NXTUK 's two rockstars @RheaRipley_WWE  & #ToniStorm  will BATTLE TONIGHT! #NXTUKTakeOver 

Zapatistas yell slogans about their female candidate for president, citing the bravery of rebel indigenous women.

Is it just us or does @andybvb  have the most flawless skin? @blackveilbrides  cover "Rebel Yell" on #APMAS