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Time to give those in charge of female athletics short shrift | Rebecca Nicholson

“I love that you can see her from one angle say, ‘Oh, she's a boss bitch.’ But from the other angle, you'd be like, ‘Oh, Rebecca,’” @hanwaddingham  says.

The PFAS Action Act most recently passed through the US House Rebecca Meunick from the EC said the bill will go far to help Michiganders and people all over the country protect themselves from the health risks of PFAS!

Rebecca Smith now for Canada. Need to make up some time and give Penny a chance to close. #Tokyo2020 

Bev and Rebecca clashed over whether children should have the Covid vaccine #gbnews  #COVID19  #vaccine 

The viral pop sensation's latest project 'Rebecca Black was here' is an exploration into her queer identity.

Police say James Strube was arrested on outstanding warrants and his girlfriend, Rebecca Lexa, was charged with attempting to help him elude the arresting officers in an incident last weekend.

Rebecca Muehl is on a crusade to get the ice cream company to sell Krazy Kookie Dough year-round.

PLEASE RETWEET: Rebecca Cajuste hasn't been seen since Monday.

Senate panel votes to make women register for draft @rebecca_h_k  / The Hill) Sc5aGWsH4r


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Letter to the @American HumanistAssociation from myself (AHA Humanist of the Year 2006) and Rebecca Goldstein (AHA Humanist of the Year 2011) @platobooktour  protesting its withdrawal of Humanist of the Year award to @RichardDawkins  #richarddawkins 

Spurs players showed love to women's college basketball during the tournament ❤️ @espnW  Dejounte Murray ? Becky Hammon DeMar DeRozan ? Cheryl Miller Rudy Gay ? Rebecca Lobo Patty Mills ? Alyssa Mills (? @spurs )

“He only paid $750 in federal income taxes,” fmr. Pres. Obama says of Pres. Trump. “My first job was at a Baskin Robbins when I was 15 years old. I think I might have paid more taxes that year…dispensing ice cream. How is that possible?”

"If we stand together in the fight, we've got a chance." Rebecca Lowe, Robbie Earle and Kyle Martino have an emotional, open and deeply personal discussion about race in society.

Sacking Rebecca Long-Bailey for sharing an interview in *the Independent* with one of Britain's most celebrated actors because of a sentence uttered by Maxine Peake which the Independent initially justified with a link to an Amnesty International report is an absurd overreaction

It must suck for Rebecca Black to be 2 years early to influencer culture and watch people get rich and famous for videos 1000x dumber than signing a song about the weekend

Happy Birthday to ◾️ 3 x NBA Champion ◾️ Scoring Champion ◾️ NBA Finals MVP ◾️ 13 x All-Star ◾️ 8 x All-NBA ◾️ 3 x All-Defense ◾️ 2 x Skills Champ ◾️ Heat Franchise leader in PTS, AST, STL From Robbins, Illinois. 6-foot-4 guard. @DwyaneWade 

“I support Bernie Sanders because I believe he will lead from a moral center borne of a lifelong commitment to serving the needs of the poor, the American worker, the single mother, the family farmer, the student in debt, the couple struggling to keep their home.” –Tim Robbins

Commissioner Rebecca Long: “Lea County, NM, is the second-largest oil and gas producer in the United States, and soon we will be first. And thank you so much for all you do for us. Energy independence is so important and we appreciate that you know where we are and who we are."